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                  (Stiles pov):
Tonight I was excited because it was Christmas Eve. The pack and their significant others were coming over to watch a movie with Derek and I. My mind went suddenly to Derek. This is our first Christmas together as an official couple. I'm so happy with him and same for him as well; I slipped some pants on that hung low on my hips and threw a batman shirt over my head and headed down stairs to see if Derek was down there.

"Derek?" I called out.

"In the kitchen babe," He replied.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm baking some cookies for the pack movie night," He answered back.

"They smell delicious, who knew you could bake." I teased, playfully.

"Very funny now go get the door-bell it might be them." Derek demanded.

I opened the door and it revealed Allison, Scott, Erica and Isaac. I wondered where Lydia and Aiden were, Danny and Ethan weren't here yet either.

"Hi guys, come on in," I said, motioning for them to come into the warm home.

"Thanks, where is Derek?" Erica asked.

"He is actually in the kitchen baking," I replied, looking at a shocked Erica.

"I know, I didn't know he baked either and we been together for almost a year." I replied.

"So when everyone gets here what are we watching?" Scott asked, taking his jacket off.

"I don't know yet, that hasn't been decided yet." Derek replied, coming in.

He nodded.

One by one everyone started to show up, we all parked our a*** in the living room with Derek and I on the sofa, Danny and Ethan on the floor cuddled up together, Lydia and Ethan occupied in the recliner and everyone else on a blanket occupying the floor.

"Alright so what movie are we watching?" Aiden asked.

"Nightmare before Christmas?" Lydia and Stiles suggested.

"Yeah I love that movie." Everyone else said, happily.

"Okay, Nightmare before Christmas it is." Derek said, getting up to put the movie in.

Derek pressed played and I cuddle into his side as the movie started. I really love this man.

The oven ding which meant Derek had to get up.

"Hey I was comfortable." Stiles whined.

"Well I'm sorry but I have to go get the cookies before they burn," Derek said.

Derek got the cookies out of the oven and sat them on the stove, before we could get any they had to cool down.

"So how long do we have to wait?" Isaac asked, impatiently.

"Don't worry babe, they'll be done." Erica told him, reassuringly.

He just nodded and before we knew it we all were in the kitchen getting some cookies and milk.

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