Chapter one

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                  wrote the in 2015 hope you liked it.

(Stiles pov):
Today was Christmas Eve and the pack was going over to Sourwolfs' loft to have a pack movie night and eat dinner and give each other presents. I slid my shoes on and went out to my jeep because I had to pick Scott up at his house. I arrived there ten-minutes later.

"Hey buddy," Scott said, as he slid into the jeep putting his seat belt on.

"Hey, ready to go to Sourwolf’s?" I asked, rolling my eyes.

"You know, you're happy about going over there." Scott said, as I blushed.

"Shut. Up." I said, smiling.

We arrived at the loft and knocked on the door. Derek opened it and he was looking hot as ever with wearing a blue v neck shirt with dark washed jeans.

"Eyes up here." Derek joked, as I blushed for being caught.

"Merry Christmas everyone!" I yelled, coming in.

"Same to you." They all replied.

"Where do we set the presents at?" Scott asked, coming in with a big bag.

"Just set them under the tree." Derek replied.

"Dinner smells amazing, what are we having?" I asked, sniffing the air.

"I am fixing Mashed Potatoes, Chicken with some appetizers such as a meat and cheese tray,veggie tray and deviled.eggs," Lydia replied, proud.

"Awesome, never knew you could cook," Liam joked.

She gave him daggers and Liam quickly shut his mouth.

We all sat in the living room and watch Liam and Scott wrestle around, but I was lost in thought about my feelings for a certain werewolf. And of course it would be Lydia who noticed.

"Stiles, tell him how you feel," she spoke softly.

"I can't, I know he doesn't feel the same way," I said, with a sigh.

"You are so oblivious to see the way he looks at you,” Lydia said knowingly, “He is in a better mood when you're around," she pointed out.

"Nah, he just knows table manners now," I laughed.

"Remember sweetie, what I just told you," She said, leaving me to go sit in Jordan's lap.

I looked over at Derek and he was lost in thought, he looked over at me and gave me a small nod. I just blushed.

"Dinner is ready everyone," Lydia called to us.

By the time I got to the table all the seats were taken except for the one next to Derek. I looked over at everyone and they smirked, the traitors. I just sighed and sat down.

"If you don't want to sit next to me I can move," Derek offered sadly.

"No, it's okay." I told him honestly.

The food was set out on the table neatly and I put each of the food on my plate and looked at it hungrily. As soon as I took a bite I was in heaven.

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