Chapter 40

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Jasmine's POV

"Drop the gun Hunter."

My voice rang through the silent room and Hunter's eyes left Chris and landed on me.

"You're dumber than I thought. You really thought if you throw a tray on the camera, I won't know what happens here anymore?" Hunter said and laughed out loud.

I tried not to tremble in fear. I was right. The camera was still very much working. He didn't come sooner because he knew this was going to happen. He trapped us and we fell into his game.

"You son of a bitch!" Chris shouted and started to go towards him but I held him back.

"Stop. Don't. He has a gun." Chris eyed the gun in Hunter's hand and gritted his teeth.

Hunter whistled lowly. "I must say. That was such a heartbreaking reunion you both had. Really, it made me cry, see." He fake sobbed.

And then his expression turned deadly. "But you see old man, this girl over here, I own her. And she's not leaving me. I can shoot you right now but I wouldn't want my babydoll to get upset with me. So, I'm giving you a chance. Run away before I change my mind."

"No way in hell." I could hear the smirk in Chris's voice and I almost slapped him. The psychopath in front of us had a gun and here he was confidently talking back. Was he not worried about his life?

"Bad choice." Hunter smirked and clicked the gun.

Within a second, even before I could blink, Andrew jumped on Hunter and sent him flying across the floor. Andrew landed on him and punched him square on the face. And even before I could react, Chris left my side and ran towards the two.

I could just stand and watch in horror as both Andrew and Chris beat the crap out of Hunter. I didn't try to stop them. Of course, Hunter deserved it.

The gun that Hunter was holding came flying to my feet during the brawl. I looked down at it and then looked at Hunter. Even as he was getting beaten up, his eyes were glued on me. I tried to turn away from his stare but something in his eyes stopped me. I couldn't understand the look in his eyes. It was neither sinister nor sincere.

I looked back at the gun on the floor. And then slowly I sunk down on my knees and reached for it. I took the gun in my hand and examined it for a few seconds.

What was I looking for in it anyways?

I stood back on my feet and held the gun properly in my hands. And then I looked back at the brawl in front of me, which was turning bloody by the second.

No one noticed me as I made my way over to the three people on the floor. I looked at each of their faces.

Andrew's face held fury and madness. Despite that, somewhere in his eyes, I could see a small flicker of sadness. This was his brother. No doubt a step one and even a psychopath. But still, a brother.

Chris's face held unrelenting fury and angst. He looked like a maniac who was out to destroy everything in his way. I had never seen him this angry and it should've scared me. But for some reason, I wasn't scared. I didn't feel anything at all.

And finally I looked at the face of my tormentor. The one face which had haunted me for the last 2 years. No doubt, Hunter was rather good looking. But his personality overpowered his looks. Somewhere inside me I knew I would've even gone for a guy like him if he was a normal guy who would've pursued me normally. But he wasn't.

I looked into his eyes. They still held that unrecognisable look. His eyes stared at me when Chris punched his face to the other side.

"Don't. Fucking. Look. At. Her." He gritted out with each punch. In spite of getting beaten up brutally, Hunter still didn't look phased.

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