One day

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One day you'll walk to my door
One day you'll realize right timing was never the excuse
Begging for forgiveness each time after slamming that door in my face,
will always leave you with a guilt that makes you say sorry unstoppable
Only when it's convenient
Maybe you meant it
But I don't want to hear about your constant mistakes that you never choose to change
And your half apologies when all goes wrong
One day you'll realize that the attitude you have going on makes it harder for us to understand each other better
One day you'll realize that I'm not your forever trial and error
Because whenever you feel good you have someone else installed at your home
You instantly forgot the one who always took shit from you and fixed them
You might say you didn't asked me to
But, i was your lover
We were to take care of each other
But maybe one day you might thank me for everything
And maybe that day you will apologize honestly.
So again, if you find yourself back at my door, make sure you know the words you'll say.
Because one day I will be the one to close the door on you if your intension never changed.
And of course you will not like it.
That will be a glimpse of how I felt those times around you.

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