Who Are You? || Chicklit Prompt #AimToEngage2019

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Short entry for the Chicklit prompt #AimToEngage2019 ! Enjoy xx


Who are you?

It's been months since Yasmin had this dream. Always the same man, with those piercing brown eyes, that sweet smile that makes her heart flutter.

He seems so familiar. But she can't quite place her finger on his identity, no matter how hard she tries.

She fingers her blanket, the only comforting thing she can find amidst the space she supposedly calls home. She feels rattled, as if there's someone watching her, someone hovering over her shoulder although it's only just her imagination playing tricks on her. Frustrated, she throws back the covers and pads over to the kitchen, hand lightly tracing the furniture as she goes: the wooden dresser in the hallway, the cool surface of the beige wall, the white marble counter so cold it stings to the touch. She wills her memory to find something, anything that can make her feel connected to the space, but only a blank wall shows up, dull and unbreakable. 

Dense. Foreign.

"It will take time." The doctor's words echo through her mind. "Be patient."

And she has been trying. But it's been a month and still, nothing had surfaced. Nothing but those deep brown eyes, a mixture of maroon and chocolate with hints of gold flickering through the pupils.

Willing herself to get out of that negative headspace, Yasmin decides to get some air and thus makes her way out the door towards the bus stop, listening to the tugging inside her gut as she does so. She swipes her card clumsily through the bus monitor before hurrying to find a spot at the back of the vehicle, all too aware of the abundance of eyes following her every movement.

She can feel her heart lurching out of her chest. Her eyes cast downwards, it's only when the bus starts moving again that she risks a glance towards her seatmate.

The sight makes her breath still.

She's seen this face before. That familiar jawline with the slightest hint of cheeks, the soft eyebrows and eyes framed with the thinnest hint of lashes, almost nonexistent. The young man turns towards her and when his eyes meet her own, she swears she feels her entire body explode in goosebumps.

She knows him.

Those eyes. They are piercing, holding her gaze so intensely she can feel her cheeks burn.

She can't seem to find words, speechless. Then, quickly swivels her head to the front.

What is she thinking? He probably thinks she's a creep!


His voice rings a familiar bell inside her head, an alarm that wakes up all her senses. Slowly, she turns back and locks eyes with him. It's like wading through a muddy lake of memories, hands reaching out as it becomes clearer and clearer in her head. His touch, his warmth. Summer days and cozy cuddles by the fire. Her eyes suddenly brim with tears as his face breaks into a relieved, understanding smile.

Her thumb reaches out to brush his cheek, "it's you."

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