Overthrow This Fort and Protect Your Own

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/AN/ In this chapter, Delaware and any others are about the age of chibi Romano or a bit older.

~Some time between 1638 and 1655~

I remind myself of the rushing river sometimes. Always thought of to be nothing too special or seen as something that's just there with no real meaning.

I'm just here. Alone. I don't know anybody, I've never talked to anyone, I don't even know my allergies, dislikes, or social skills. Will I have a panic attack if I speak to someone? Will I faint from overwhelming?

I wore a light brown cloak that fell to my ankles which had a hood. I wore leather pants and a white linen long sleeve under shirt. I had leather shoes that had no sound when I took a step. They muted my footsteps.

I've heard loud yells, crys, and pleads from down south. But I've heard more negotiation from the northeast. I'm assuming this means I'm not the only one here! I'm not completely alone!

"Hey, Virginia! Get back to your dumb settlement! Get off my land!" I heard a loud bark from a boy behind me.

I gasped in fear and sharply turned around to see a boy my age. He was taller than me by about 3 inches. He had midnight black hair and navy blue eyes. His eyes seemed to glare into my heart, seeing any fear and judging my life almost instantly.

His voice was gruff and I noticed to had a thick Dutch accent.

My eyes widened in shock as I stumbled backwards.

The expression in his face then hardened, but he backed off, "You're not Virginia, you're too short and wimpy. Ugh, wait, are you that land...you know...that land on the river?" The boy asked, keeping his sharp glare.

I tilted my head with confusion. That land? The one on the river?

"Do you talk? Can you speak? Are you lame?" The boy harshly asked. He looked hard hearted to strangers, but to his family and close friends, he's probably a dear.

I was taken aback. I shook my head in slight offense, "N-No..." I mumbled quietly.

"What?" The boy loudly asked, "Speak up, little one." He hissed. He clearly has a lot of pride and confidence.

"...I-I speak." I said meekly. My hands were shaking. I've always wanted to talk to someone, hear another voice, but this boy was ruining my first impression on talking.

"New Amsterdam, please be polite to my little colonist." There was another voice behind me. The voice was a boy, about my age, but he sounded mature and this one had an extremely thick British accent.

My little colonist?

I quickly turned around to face this new boy. When I saw how tall he was compared to me, I fell backwards and landed on my backside, my eyes widened at his courage to stand up for me even though he doesn't even know me.

He had dark brunette hazelnut hair, it shown spun gold in the sunset. His tan olive skin seemed to glow in the light. His copper brown eyes traced with mahogany saw right through me.

This new boy sharply inhaled at my response. He was 5 inches taller than me.

"Are you okay?" This Virginian boy asked me. He extended his hand for me to grab.

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