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          *The way season 1 Episode 10
                  Should have ended*

All the commotion makes Clarke Frustrated. 'Why can't these people learn that killing one another is exactly what the grounders want'  Clarke can't help but to think.

She makes her way inside the drop ship and grabs a gun.

She walks back out side,looks around once more then shoots the gun in the air.

Everyone goes silent

"This is Exactly what the grounders want. Don't you see that? They don't have to kill us if we kill each other." Clarke breathlessly manages

"They won't have to kill us if we get the virus. Now, get back in the drop shop" some kid Yelled.

Bellamy jogged up to him and hit him with the gun.

Bellamy looks at Clarkes tired eye's.

"Not to state the obvious but your quarantine isn't working." Bellamy states.

Clarke starts to feel her legs giving out, she drops the gun and prepares herself for the impact of the ground.

But she never hits it. Instead she feels strong arms catch her just in time.

Clarke looks into Bellamys eyes as Bellamy does the same both getting lost in each others gaze.

Finn could feel his blood boiling from jealousy.

"Get all the sick inside the drop ship..NOW." Raven says breaking their gaze.


Bellamy carries Clarke inside and carefully laying her in the hammock.

"Thanks" Clarke says in a scratchy voice.

"No problem"

Bellamy stands their awkwardly. "So i'm gunna get you some water" Bellamy scratches the back of his neck then walks away.

Clarke lays there thinking about the 'fall'.

What does this mean? Like, sure he's cute and stubborn (like her) but could he like her like she likes him? Does this mean that they have a chance?

Clarke lays there so caught up in her thoughts she doesn't seem to realize Finn approaching her.

"I'm going to get you some water" He smiles.

"Don't Bellamys already on it" Clarke tells him.

Finns anger is almost to the point of violence.

Why does Bellamy always get in the way!

"Well if you ne.." Finn is cut of by Bellamy walking there way.

He rolls his eyes.

"Am I interrupting something" Bellamy ask all 'innocent'.

"No." Clarke says before Finn can.

Finn rolls his eyes once more then walks away.

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