One Direction's Little Questions

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Chapter 4

Katy’s POV

 As soon as each of the boys filed in through the door, I began to feel nauseas.  Each of the boys had bags underneath their eyes and little stubbles on their chins. They each looked to be about 18 or 19 years old and one wore a hospital gown, with his boxers showing. After I made that observation I started to hyperventilate.  

  "Shoot, shoot, shoot, not here... not here!"  I said in my head.  The last time I had a panic attack was when my "dad" was banging on my door, ramming his shoulder up against it, and I was under my bed, hiding from the monster.

  I slowed down my breathing to the point when I could hear what was going on around me.  But I was still breathing hard and fast.

A boy with an English accent and a flannel shirt on asked the other boys “Do you think she’s a fan?”  I recognized his voice as Liam’s. 

I heard a variety of “No’s” and one “possibly.” Each boy turned to the one in the hospital gown, while I was still having a meltdown. “What, she’s hyperventilating. That what some of the fans do!” Said Hospital dude.

“Louis, walk out of the room for a second OK.” Said one with curly hair.

“But Hazza, only if you come with me,” said “Louis.  Gosh, they are officially marked as WEIRD!

“Fine but hurry, let’s go!” “Hazza said, pushing Louis out the door.

  Once they shut the door I saw that Niall had taken their place, and I slowly started to calm down.  The one in a flannel shirt came over to me. “Hey Katherine, I’m Liam, this is Niall, he pointed to the Irish one, Zayn is over there, he pointed to a fair skinned boy with a tattoo on his arm, and Louis and Harry just went out the door. Harry has the curly hair and Louis was wearing the hospital gown.” Liam said. “Do you have any questions about anything?” he asked me. I thought for a second.  No dip I would have some questions for the random people.  

“Well I would like to know where I am where I am.” I asked him.

“Well Kathri-“he started

“Call me Katy.” I interrupted him.  I hated my name... don't ask me why, I just do.  

“OK Katy, you are at the hospital.” he told me. Oh no, the last time I came here, No Katy, just try to forget about it.  I screamed inside of my head.  He didn't seem to notice my troubles in my head, so he continued.

  "And you're here because when you fell down the steps, running away from us in the...orphanage... you tripped, hit your head, and slashed your shin open.  Which made you lose a lot of blood.

“Well ok how long have I been here for?” I asked.

“Well um you see, you have been here, um, about, three days,” he said quietly.

“Whoa, that’s a long time. Who has stayed here with me?” This was way more than I would have ever talked to a male, but I needed answers.

“Well me, Zayn, Louis and Harry have all been switching off days. But Niall has stayed the entire time,” he said to me.

“Wait, Niall has stayed here the entire time?” I asked bewildered.

“Yeah, he wouldn’t get up for food, not even Nandos,” he said sadly. I thought about it for a second. WHAT THE FUDGEPOPS IS NANDOS??? I decided to ask Liam a few more questions. “So what is Nandos?" I asked him. “Shhh, don’t say that around Niall," he whisper-yelled. I thought it was actually quite funny so I started to laugh. “What’s so funny?" Liam asked with his head tilted like a dog's. "Well, you got so quiet and acted like it was a big deal for me not to know what Nandos was!" I said still laughing. He started to laugh too and soon everyone in the room was laughing.  Even the guys that didn’t know what we were talking about laughed along with us.

After a few minutes, we had all calmed down enough that I could ask a question and have an answer without a giggle or smirk.

“Ok, my question is, a little while back, you and Niall came into the room and said you were my new brothers. Did you guys adopt me?” I asked a little afraid of the answer. “Yeah, but we didn’t all adopt you, Niall is really your Dad/ Brother. Whatever you feel more comfortable with.” He said with a smile on his face.

“Well I guess that living with you guys would be better than living at the center any day. Well, what time can I get out? “I asked him.

“Um I think in a few hours. But let me check if they will let you out now.” He told me.

As soon as he left the room, I looked around my room. My eyes landed on Zayn who started to get up. He came over to me and I looked at him. He had black hair, styled into a quiff. Once he got to me, he shook my hand. “Hi, I’m Zayn, but I think that you already know it.” He said in a kind of deep voice.

“Hi,” I replied in a pipsqueak voice.  Yeah, not to be mean or anything... but this guy kind of scares me.  

  Right then, the door burst open and Harry and Louis came in. Thankfully Louis had on a shirt and pants. As I looked at the two, I saw that Harry had disheveled hair, and Louis had the biggest grin on his face.

  “What do we have here?” Zayn asked, trying to hold back his laughter.

  “Oh you know, snogging and something else.” Louis said with a wink in Harry’s direction.

  “Yeah, so much fun. He practically jumped on me!  And all of the hot nurses were watching us!” Harry exclaimed with a cry at the end.  

  I started to laugh, and then I realized something. I hadn’t laughed in such a long time, it felt foreign to me.  Now that I think about it, it's really sad that I haven't laughed in a long time...

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