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i sowwy it's badddd

~Third person pov~

"Did you know guys can apparently breastfeed?" Brooklyn had asked Sonny for his insta story.

Well now all Brooklyn could think about what that.

But he was too shy to ask Sonny.

He was a little, as he had figured out was the term for when he'd slip into a state of mind where he was more whiny, cuddly, and childish. Often finding himself sucking his thumb without realizing.

Sonny had recently became his daddy about a month ago.

See the issue was that not that Brooklyn knew what it was and that someone would take care of him when he regressed really young; he did.

And that meant he'd be in diapers cause they were comfy to him and helped when he had accidents well- accidentally. Sucking on a paci; and drinking bottles.

Sonny noticed something was up with him since then; always getting fussy when he was being fed a bottle or hungry.

One time Brook was being whiny when it hit Sonny and he took his shirt off, as well as Brooklyn's.

Skin to skin contact was always good for when he was whiny so Sonny decided to utilize that right then.

See Brook had been right, guys actually can breastfeed.

And so, now that the realization is upon Sonny, he moved Brooklyn's mouth to his nipple.

Brooklyn being so regressed he barely noticed in his hazed mindset.

He latched on and drank the milk until he was full, which is whme Sonny pulled him off of his nipple.

He popped Brooks paci in his mouth and cuddled the half asleep boy.

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