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Sight is the god of future and vision. He is also blind. He is an elder god.
Paranoia is his sister. She is the goddess of phobia and of course, paranoia. She is scared of everything, and barely ever leaves her room.
Hope is the goddess of hope and light. She is an elder goddess and the head of a court.
Depression is the god of repression and sadness. He feeds off of negative thoughts from humans. He is the brother to hope, and is considered a monster by his sister. He has been locked in a cage placed in a black void for over 600,000 years.
Anxiety is the god of alertness and worry. He is an elder god, and is the head of a court.
Freedom is the goddess of freewill and happiness. She had wings, but lost them when a human tore them off. 
Dance is the god of performance and stage. He too had wings, six of them in fact. He lost them in a gruesome way when a human kidnapped him, took them away, then sold them.
Justice is the god/goddess of court and law. They run the court room in a way that would seem strange to humans, but it gets the job done either way. They call themselves the prince of the courtroom.
Galaxy is the goddess of space and stars. She can create stars with her hands, and has a strange love for humans.
Witchcraft is the god of magic and sacrifice. For a short time he became the god of love, but that changed when a new love god was found.
Love, known by his human name of Luke, is the god of love and romance. He has two large soft white wings, and is married to Lust.
Lust is the god of sex and arousal. He is married to Luke, god of love. He became an elder god when he married Luke. 
Hate is the goddess of anger and hatred. She was married to the goddess of Death, but they divorced for reasons that will be explained later. She has a short temper and hates basically everyone.
Death is the goddess of rot and decay. Everything she touches dies, even other gods. Because of this she wears gloves and warns others not to touch her skin. She divorced Hate because she couldn't stand not being able to kiss her wife. 
Music, known as Felix, is the god of sound and music. He has a guitar that doubles as an ax when he needs it. He died to become a god, shot in the head by a stranger in a garden.
Cult is the god of religion and worship. He created almost every religion by whispering the ideas into the heads of humans, and influencing them to create what he wanted. If something doesn't go the way he plans, he simply corrects it by whispering more ideas to the humans.
Ocean is the god of water and weather. His mood tends to control both, if he is depressed, the water will turn black and the sky will become dark with clouds. If he is angry, the water will boil and lightning will strike everything it can touch. If he is sad, the water will go still and the sky will pour down rain. He can also create things from water, making them solid until he wants them melt back into the water he created them from.
Truth and Lies are twin gods. Lies only speaks in lies (like a snake we know *cough cough* deceit *cough cough*) and Truth can only tell the Truth. Both tend to work with Justice in the court. They can tell when someone is lying or telling the truth. If Truth finds someone to be lying to him, he will punish them by almost killing them. They tend to switch genders, sometimes fighting over who gets to be the sister and who gets to be the brother.
Fear is the god of scares and fear. He feeds off of the scared feelings of humans. He can change form, making it easer to scare who he wants.

Elder god system.
First elders are Hope and Anxiety.
Second elders are Depression and Sight.
Third elders are Fear and Lust.

Each tier has two gods, there are Four tiers, the first tier simply being elder. 

Wing system.
Not all gods have wings, those who do are worshipped for it. If a god or goddess loses their wings, the attention is given to a god who still has wings. 

Depression was locked away by his sister, Hope, for a simple misunderstanding. After Dance lost his wings, he began to have depressive episodes along with a strong paranoid state of mind. Depression ate the other gods negative feelings in an attempt to help him. Hope saw this as him attacking the other god, and locked him away to 'protect' the others.

I will probably be releasing a book about the gods!!! Let me know what you think!!!

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