Kageyama x reader (birthday special)

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(Y/n), had been facing lots of family problems right now. When she was 10 years old, she used to live happily with her parents. But when she was 13, her father kicked her mom out of the house and married another woman. Her mother was dead a few years after she got kicked out. Her stepmother was abusing her without her father knowing. She warned her father about her stepmother abusing her, but her father shoved her away. When she was 17, 2nd year of high school, she ran away from home and cut off contact with everyone.

She ended up working for someone and became a con actress. She scammed multiple people and quitely and stole their money. She worked with a hacker, Kageyama Tobio, to make her work easier. He could hack into any devices, without getting caught. The both of them lived in the same house but slept in different rooms. Kageyama and (y/n) had been liking each other ever since they first met. It had been years ever since they both first met and both were already 22 years old. It had been 5 years ever since she ran away from home. Even though, she ran away from home, she still missed her dad.

One day, she received information from her father's asisstant that her father wasn't well. His assistant told (y/n) that he suspected her step-mother was behind this. Of course, (y/n) was worried about her father and she started to find information about her step-mother.

She asked Kageyama to hack into the police station's computers to find her step-mother's records. (Y/n) found out about her step-mother's previous address. But there was something that made her really shock. Her step-mother had married 2 men before she married her father. Both were dead because of the same reason. Both were poisoned. This made (y/n) more suspicious of her step-mother. What if her dad got poisoned too.

After she received enough information, she sat down beside Kageyama and said, "I have an idea."

"So, Kags. I need your help. I want you to shut down their cctvs while I quitely enter the house and collect information and my dad before it's too late."

Kageyama looked at her and nodded. The both of them went into the car and parked near (y/n)'s father's house.

"After all of this, you're dating me," he said.


After that Kageyama ignored you and opened his laptop, and shut downed all of their cctvs. After that, she entered the house quitely. There was no maid at that time. She went into the living room and opened each desks. She found some pills and scanned them with the device. Her device alerted her that it was poison. A really dangerous pill that could kill someone little by little. (Y/n) took the pills and put inside the pockets.

She then, tip-toed to her father's room. Luckily her stepmother wasn't in the house. (Y/n) opened the door and she saw her father. Her father was awake. He looked like he was unwell. She approached her father. Her father's visions wasn't well so he couldn't see her clearly. But he recognized her voice.


"(Y/n)? Is that really you?"

"Yes, it's me. You need to come with me. Right. Now."

(Y/n) grabbed her father's hands but her father pushed her away.

"Why?! Where?!"

"You need to run away from your wife. She's killing you. She's giving you poison. This is the reason why you weren't feeling well! Before she married you, she married 2 men and both died beacause of the same reason. They got poisoned. I'm afraid that this will happen to you."

(Y/n) grabbed her father's hand but her father pushed her away again.

"Do you hate your mother that much that you have you create these lies!" He yelled.

"It's not a lie. I'm telling the truth, father!"

"I know you have been scamming people. I don't believe you."

"Please trust me father!"

"Get out!"

(Y/n) had no choice but to leave the house. She couldn't convince her father. She went back inside her car with a gloomy face.

"Why the face?" Kageyama asked.

"He didn't believed me," she said, "but I have proof."

She took out some pills from her plastic bag.

"Let's take it to the police station."

"That's my (y/n)," Kageyama pat her head and smiled, which caused (y/n) to blush.

At her father's house....

(Y/n)'s father in the end, found out about everything. He spied on his wife. What (y/n) said was true. But it's too late to go to (y/n) at that time. So he ended up calling her. But she didn't answer her phone. So he sent a voice message to her.

"(Y/n). It seems that what you said was true. And I was wrong. I guess I was too stubborn. I don't have much time anymore, and this might be my last words. But (y/n), I had loved you no matter what. Even though you ran away from our house, I still loved you. Goodbye, (y/n)."

At (y/n)'s house...

Few hours later, (y/n) listened to the voice message.

She and Kageyama drove to her father's house and they found her father was already dead.

(Y/n) cried and fell on her knees. Kageyama felt bad and hugged her.
"I'm sorry, (y/n)."
He then lifted her up and hugged her.

Time skip...

After investigations, her step-mother was finally arrested.

"Kageyama," she called to Kageyama, "Thank you, for always being by my side for all these years."

She gave Kageyama a light kiss on his cheeks which caused him to blush.

"Y-you're welcome."

After all the incidents, the both of them ended up dating each other and lived happily ever after.


Happy birthday Tobioooo!!!!

Happy birthday Tobioooo!!!!Ajdhjwwkdjejwj I LOVE HIM SO DAMN MUCH 💕💕 AHHHHHH

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