"Are you sure we are going the right way?", I asked Ryder.

"Yes, now stop asking me that", he retorted.


"Oh shut up!"

"Fine. Hey look there's the town!"

"Oh well done captain obvious", he said rolling his eyes.

I should slap him, but mates don't slap each other...Yet.

    "Let's go", I grabbed his hand and began to run through town. Immediately the smell of two of my friends hit my nose. I started to run toward them fast as the wind. I reached their lake hang out and crept up behind them.

"Long time no see, Sky", Aaron said.

"That never works and you know that",Violet said.

"Yeah, I know."

"Ryder we know you're there. Stop hiding behind the tree", Violet shouted.

"Damn", Ryder muttered stepping out.

"What do you want Skylar?" Aaron asked.

"Help", I replied.

"With?",Violet responded.

"Someone is after us and we can't go after whoever it is alone."

"What? You think the four of us can do this alone? We need at least two more people, Sky you know that.", Aaron said.

"I know. After this Ryder is going to get help too but without you we have no plan."

"I'm in. I have nothing else to do anyway",Violet said.

"If Violet's in then I'm in too", Aaron added.

"Good. Now let's go and get some vamp help", I said while walking over to Ryder,"Ry, they're in."

"Good. I guess you need me to lead you to Moonlight peak huh?", he said.

"Well, Yeah", I responded.

"Let's go get the second part of the group then", he said and ran off.

*Ryder's POV*

           We ran all the way till we got to Moonlight Peak. It took me awhile to find the hideout cave that Crimson and Lily goes to. I told Sky, Aaron, and Violet to stay in the woods. they wouldn't like the fact that two wolfs and a hybrid were up here, mate and friends or not. I finally got to the top of the peak when I heard footsteps and felt someone pull me up 

"Dear old Ryder still doesn't know how to use the path", Crimson said flashing his pearly whites.

"I wouldn't be Mr.Knight if I did", I responded.

"Ry!", Lily shouted while running up and hugging me. 

"Hey Lily", I said hugging her back.

"It hasn't been the same without you Ryder", They both said.

"And we know Sky, Violet, Aaron are down there too.", Lily said.

"So, you must also know why i'm here then too."

"Yeah, and the answer is yes. We will help."

I forgot Crimson was a mind reader.

"That's great!", I was ecstatic to that they are going to help.

"Matter of fact", Crimson continued,"I know whose after everyone."

Everyone? Why everyone?

"Care to explain?", I asked curiously.

"i will but let's get to the rest of the group.",Crimson said, "Lead the way Mr.Knight."

      I turned around and jumped of the cliff I'd only climbed up moments ago landed and landed silently behind Skylar. A few minutes later Crimson and Lily landed silently too. I signaled for them not to say anything. I wrapped my arms around Skylar and felt him tense. I leaned in close to his ear and whispered "Gotcha!".

Skylar's POV

"Asshole! Does that mean anything to you?", I said to Ryder.The big ass who just knocked ten dog years off of me. Luckily, I'm immortal.

"That word may be familiar", he replied with a smirk.

"Ass", I muttered and walked to the rest of the group.

"So, I believe Crimson has something to tell us", Ryder announced.

"Um, Yeah. You remember those Indian hunter guys that showed up last year and tried to take our territories?",he began.

"Yeah", everyone said.

"Well",Crimson continued,"We saw them poking around both borders last week and and around the forest yesterday."

"I was shot with an arrow yesterday", I chimed in.

     "Another vampire got hit with one too. I also over heard one of them talking about a plan to take over our territory again and Skylar and Ryder are the main targets.", Crimson finished.

"Why Skylar and Ryder?", Lily asked.

"Yeah! Why us?", Ryder added.

   "Maybe because sky's pack leader for right now and our clan leader are working together to settle differences and working together to find you two.", Crimson explained.

"Why find me and Ry? They wanted us dead at one point. We were basically ran out of town."

    "Well, our pack needs an Alpha Sky. We've been in chaos. The Elders came to the conclusion that they need you and Ryder comes along with that package. Technically he is our other Alpha now.", Violet explained.

"Alright",Ryder exclaimed,"I'm an Alpha!"

Of course I thumped him.

"Well, we can't tell them we're back yet. we need a plan first", I said.

"Like?", everyone said.

I rolled my eyes.

"We go after them."

"Oh", the all said.

     "We find them and follow them for a few days. See what they're up to and what they have planned. See what defenses they have, how they plan to take up out, and in what way. Figure how to take them down. An if we can, kidnap one of their men and bring him back to the pack elders."

"okay, become spies basically", Aaron said.

"Basically", I replied.

"That's not hard", Lily said in a perky voice.

"The last place we saw them was the forest so we start patrol there."

"Okay", they all said.

"i need a shower", Ryder said.

"So do I", I agreed,"Anywhere we can take a shower?", I asked Crimson.

"Yeah, everyone can camp out at my place for the night. It's huge enough to fit everyone."

      We all nodded and followed Crimson to his place. Once we got there Crimson showed us to our rooms which all had bathrooms in them. Ryder and I undress and stepped into the shower. We slowly washed each other and of course we felt each other up and kissed. When we were done, we dried off and put on the clothes Crimson left out for us. We climbed into bed and I snuggled under Ryder.

"Ry, do you think everything will be okay?"

He stuck his arms around me and sighed. "I don't know Sky. I can't really say. Hopefully it will though."

I nodded and he kissed my head.

"Night Sky, I love you", he whispered.

"Night Ryder, I love you forever and always."

Soon we were both sleep and dreaming of a better day.


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