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"Remember to stay focused on the end goal," Arlen said, wiping her dagger clean.

Norry turned his hand over and watched the blood pooling in his palm. "We're required to heal the cut you just made."

The elven instructor slipped the knife into her sheath as she returned to the chair and crossed her legs. She folded her hands together and laid them on her knees and answered, "Yes, Norry, you need to mend your injury. Keep the entire process in mind as you attempt the healing."

Darren lifted his sliced palm and placed a finger on either side of the cut. With a deep breath, he reached into himself and found the source of his magic. The wild energy coursed through him as he focused on the laceration. While Darren forced more power to flow into the divided skin, he concentrated on the edges of the slice coming together. After several moments, the wound refused to mend.

Closing his eyes, Darren inhaled and repeated the exercise. With several deep breaths, he increased his focus, and after a few painful seconds, the coursing energy flowed through him and into the laceration. The exposed muscles began to tingle as they mended. He cracked an eye and tried to examine the injury, but the blood obscured his view. He pulled a small rag and wiped away the crimson liquid. He smiled, brandishing his healed hand. "I did it."

"You possess a talent for healing," Arlen said as she approached Darren. She grasped his hand and examined it. "There's a slight scar where the cut was." The teacher wrapped the scarred area and her hands emanated a faint glow. "With a little more practice, I think you'll be able to achieve your desire without leaving that scarring." When the radiance vanished, Arlen released Darren's hand.

While the young half-elf gawked at his hand, Kira exclaimed, "Darren isn't the only one with a knack for healing."

"No, he's not," Arlen agreed as she took Kira's hand. "Though you also have to apply extra focus on your efforts." The teacher tapped the girl's hand, adding, "Unless you enjoy having to deal with scarring like this."

"No, I don't," Kira mumbled. "But, you're vague on how to prevent it."

"Darren doesn't seem to have a problem with collecting scars," Norry chimed in flashing his nearly perfect palm. With a smirk, he added, "Though it looks as if I'm doing pretty well on that front."

Kira scowled at the halfling and swung at the back of Nory's head.

But the halfling saw the clumsy strike and deftly dodged the blow.

"I'll get you one of these days," she muttered.

Norry winked at Kira. "There's no reason to be sore about your lack of skill."

"Sit down," Arlen commanded as she laid a hand on Kira's shoulder. "Norry remember that we expect you to be civil to your classmates." With a shove, the instructor forced Kira back into her chair. "And you would do well not to attack your peers, no matter the provocation."

Before either student could reply, the door burst open, and Volodar stormed into the classroom. "Arlen, I have a careless pupil that needs your attention."

Every eye turned and watched Maxwell entering the classroom with a groaning Roland in his arms.

"What happened to him," Arlen asked.

The dwarf rushed towards Arlen's desk and laid the other student down. "We were sparring, and his leg got caught." Maxwell looked away and added, "When I swept it out from under him," The burly dwarf pointed at Roland's leg and mumbled, "it snapped."

"Just heal the boy, Arlen," Volodar commanded.

Arlen examined the injury and addressed Darren. "Would you like to heal Roland?"

Volodar spun Arlen around and shoved a finger into her face, shouting, "I brought the fool here so you could mend the fractures, not a bothersome student."

"Darren has an innate talent as a healer, Volodar." She eased away from the other instructor and continued, "This is my classroom, I'll proceed as I see fit."

Volodar snorted at her comment and pulled her aside. The two quickly began a heated debate.

Grinding his teeth, Darren stalked over to Roland and studied the injury. "Does your knee hurt?"

"Yes, it hurts," Roland muttered through clenched teeth. "But, I don't think the knee was injured."

"Good, now try to relax," Darren advised. Closing his eyes he placed one hand above the knee and the other at the ankle. He reached into himself and grabbed his pulsing power and focused on Roland's broken limb. He conjured a picture of an unbroken leg and overlaid it on Roland's broken bones. Darren's fingers warmed until the mental image snapped into focus and the energy flooded into Roland.

With a grunt, Darren stepped back and muttered, "I'm Done."

A hand gripped Darren and yanked him away from his classmate. Darren tried to stand but collapsed to the ground. Volodar stalked over and flipped Darren over and growled, "What did you do?"

"I healed Roland's leg."

"I wanted Arlen to do that," Volodar snarled.

Darren rolled away from the instructor and faced everyone in the room. "And she asked me to heal him."

"And he did a wonderful job, Volodar," Arlen said, stepping in front of the teacher. "He's a talented healer."

"What did you have to redo?"

"Nothing," Arlen answered, putting her hand to her forehead. "Granted there were some minor imperfections I needed to clean up. But structurally, his healing did not require my slight contribution."

Darren rose and thrust his chin out at Volodar as he clenched his fists.

"If you say so," the man drawled. With a thunderous snap, he walked towards the door with Maxwell and Roland in tow. "I suppose even the useless are bound to find something they excel at."

When it closed, Arlen stepped in front of Darren and whispered, "Ignore him. He's just frustrated by your talent."

Darren fingernails dug into his palm and muttered, "Thank you."

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