Chapter One

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Preterns: shortened form of 'a preternatural being', a catch-all term to include the non-human race composed of Therians, Atargarians, Fae (Sidhé, etc) & Nightdweller.

Therians: land-based shapeshifters. Derived from the term "therianthropy", comes from the theríon which means "wild animal" or "beast" (implicitly mammalian), and anthrōpos , meaning "human being".


Therians tend to evolve from the native lands of their mammalian counterparts

· Wolves

· Bears

· Foxes

· Large predatory cats

· Hyenas

· Coyotes

· Large birds of prey, eagles, owls, etc

· Rarer breeds include mammalian water types that many believe to be only myth, such as whale, dolphin and seal.


Non-predatory (many were decimated during the wars, with some believed to be extinct)

· Buffalo

· Elk

· Moose

· Deer

· Antelope

· Elephant

· Goose

· Peacock

· Wild horses

· Gazelle

Skin-walkers: not true Therians, more creatures from Shamanic-type magic and only common in Scotland, Africa, India, parts of the Americas.

Atargarians: water based beings, can live on water or land, but need to change into their water-based form from time to time or they'll wither, weaken and can eventually die.

Atargarian is derived from Atargatis, a goddess of northern Assyria in ancient times. Legends say she turned herself into a mermaid as a self-punishment for killing her lover.

Merfolk: Atargarian merfolk are more like the sirens of old, deadly, almost always visually stunning, and brutal fighters. They're almost always long, lean and slender, although the women do tend to veer toward the pin-up variety when it comes to curves and Meridia is no exception.

The merfolk have the ability to mesmerize or even harm with the power of their voice. It's called the siren song and the stronger the mer, the more powerful the song.

Selkies & Roans: technically are part of the fae, but the fae always treated Selkies and Roans as lesser while Atargarians accepted them.

Fae: Elves, fairy, pixie, brownies, kitsune, etc. Many retreated to lands accessible only to the fae during the wars, refusing to offer aid although their power could have turned the tide far earlier.

Night-dwellers: Name adopted by those who prefer not to use the human moniker 'vampire', Nightdweller is now the umbrella term used for vamps, incubus, succubus, banshee & various denizens of the dark fae

Primes: highest position of authority within Atagarian/Therian society.

Council of Primes: ruling authority of all shifters, the council has 29 total primes.

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