Chapter 32: Mine over His

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Tomorrow brings the last day of our summer camp.
The training passed by with my body and results refining each day.

I'm currently outside at the back of the facility where no one will be around so I decided to do some extra rounds of training.

"Oi time for dinner and they said we're doing some shit after" Katsuki interrupts my solo training as he sneak from behind me.
How the hell did he even find me here...
"Just doing some extra adjustments, hold on.." I told him and he crossed his arms while watching me as I punch the air.

His eyes were locked to me with so many possible intent and I suddenly feel conscious
"What is it!!" I half shouted trying to get him to say something instead of having to deal with the awkward silence blooming around.
"I never knew you were this sexy.." He laughs sounding more derisive than genuine.
"If you're gonna make fun of me just leave.." I scoffed but he just snigger and it didn't fail to make me mad.

I rolled my eyes at him and I was even more surprised of my own action than he is.
Wow I'm even starting to adopt his eye roll
He approached closer and his arms made their way around my waist.
I was still pissed so I was quite dismissive of him and I tried to push him away. He slightly puckered his lips aiming for mine but I blocked his face with my palm plunging him away.
"Not right now Katsuki.." I refused and a vein protruded on his forehead—again with his anger issues.
"Ughh.." he grumbled to himself and his grip on my waist tightens.
He's acting like a kid..

With me not wavering from resisting he snaked an arm to the back of my head, pushing me closer to his face like he wanted.
"You don't want me?" He whispered with the most adorable yet seductive face and our nose almost touched.
The tender look on his eyes were so tempting that my breath began to hitch up.
"N-not right" I repulsed but my voice betrayed me and it came out like a whimper.

"Well I want you so that's too bad..." He murmured with his voice soft yet so octave deep, making me down right speechless.
His mouth slightly parted then touch my lips.
He kissed me so teasingly by leaving my lips and then back, I felt a little antsy.
"Open your mouth..." he breathily whispered.
As he said I slightly unlatched my mouth allowing
his tongue to enter and sparks once again crackles as I let my eyes shut, indulging in to the kiss.

He move his tongue delicately along mine, exploring the uncharted territory from touching the insides of my cheeks and to the roof of my mouth.
I felt a heightened pleasure as tension began to escalate and I grip his back.
His response was to pull me closer, deepening the kiss further.

After a few moments he broke the kiss leaving me to catch my breath and my face flushed with the little rapture still left lingering in me.
"Heh~ aren't you cute when you make that face." he murmured, smirking and I noticed a tint of pink across his cheeks refusing to subside as well.
I buried my face in his chest as a quick reaction,
"What if we got caught, idiot..." I whined.
"Tch, but we didn't" he said and muffled his arms around my back.

There's a brief moment of sweet silence while we are in each other's arms and I wish for time to stop. The moments whereas we just hold each other without having no worries or whatsoever about anything.

Katuski carried his head up from my forehead and brought it to my shoulders.
I felt his lips on the crook of my neck and I shivered.
"Katuski no.." I warned him.
"You shouldn't have worn this tank top, with all this skin exposed.." he retaliate and his lips brush against my skin.
"I still have to bathe with the girls you know..."
Katsuki let out a frustrated sigh and pouted like a little kid who got told no.
"Let's just eat dinner..." I said and we made our way back to the dining tables.

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