part 36

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Ani. You dont trust me

Shiv. Ha i dont trust you. What will you do.

Ani. I hate you shivaay singh oberoi. She cry.

Shivaay look at her angrily and puller her towards him

Shiv. How dare you to hate me mrs anika shivaay Singh oberoi

Ani. I can hate you the way you dont trust me

Shiv. Because you are forcing me to do it. I had asked you to not keep that bastard but no you are highly bent to keeping him in our house.

Ani. Because he helped me that time when you left me.

Shiv. Mrs oberoi no one helps someone without any motive and I'm sure he has some motive that's why he is doing all that. .

Ani. I dont have anything which could make him greedy

Shiv. Tum to ho na

Ani. What ?? You mean to say he us interested in me

Shiv. He can be the way he look at you its show that he keep feelings for you.

Ani. O plz shut up when he knows im your wife and committed with you then why will he keep feeling for me.

Shiv. Like he came in our home I'm sure he is planning something.

Ani. Shivaay asa kuch nhi ha.

Shiv. Asa hi ha. And if he tried to snatch you then i wont take time to kill him. Because you are mine and shivaay singh oberoi dont like someone's eyes on his things. Did you get that. .

Ani. You are insane

Shivaay. Just for you. Look anika i love you so much and if someone ever try to snatch you from me then i won't think twice to take his life. Did you get that Anika smile and hugged him.

Ani. Dont worry no one can snatch me from you. Because anika is born to being with shivaay no one else.

Shivaay nuzzle in her hair and hugged her more tightly

Shiv. I love you

Ani. I love you too.

At home

Daksh is getting worried because now his chances to being with anika is getting less. He is damn sure shivaay will kick him out today.

D. Fucking aashole i dont know what's wrong with him. Whenever anika comes near me i dont know why he always pull her towards him. I've to do something earlier because i can't loss anika.suddenly a idea struck him and he smile evilly

D. Mr shivaay singh oberoi get ready to do good bye to this world. He smirk and praised himself mentally. Suddenly he startled when he saw shivaay and anika entered in home giggling holding each others hands. He grits his teath to seeing them together.

Shivaay who was smiling till now his smile faded to seeing daksh infront ot him.

D. That's good you guys came. I've decided to leave right now as i dont wanna bother you more

Shiv. mmm I'm sorry daksh for my behaviour. Actually I'm so possessive for my things so that's why i got angry. But you don't need to leave pur house you can stay here

Ani. He is right daksh. You can stay here

D. So sweet of you guys.

Shivaay smile fakely and left from there along with anika

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