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It was a warm summer day and you sat in LA under a huge umbrella on the beach as the boys chatted around you. 'I'm bored.' You complained as you took your sunglasses off. 'Let's play a game.' Suggested Harry smirking and winking at all of the boys. 'Not here though. Let's go back to the hotel.' You agreed and packed your things. You got into your hotel room and sat in the bedroom waiting for the boys to get some snacks. Or so you thought.

The boys walked in one by one holding an item. this must be a strange game that i've never heard of you thought as you saw what they were holding. Zayn was first holding a can of whipped cream, Niall was behind him with what looked like a belt, Liam was holding a pair of fluffy pink handcuffs, Louis was holding a bowl with melted chocolate and Harry stood smirking once again with a box of cherries. 'Well this is a strange game' you said as you sat cross leged on the bed. Something wasn't right all the boys were acting strange and winking at each other. You felt uneasy but comfortable at the same time since you'd known these boys your whole life.

'Okay first Liam you need to handcuff her to the bed.' Your eyes widened in surprise, 'WAIT WHAT?' you protested but they continued anyway. You lay on the crisp white sheets with in your tank top and short shorts while your hands were handcuffed to the railing on the bed. 'You can go first Liam.' Harry said as Liam straddled you. You giggled nervously. He bagan kissing your neck and lips and nibbling on your ear as you lay still underneath him. You were enjoying it but it felt wrong. 'Liam wa-' YOu began saying until he found your sweet spot and started sucking on it. You began moaning his name as you felt the bulge in his trousers grow. 'G-g-g-o Niall.' Zayn stuttered getting turned on by the view. Niall walked over and spread your legs apart as Liam moved on the side so he was still kissing your neck but out of Niall's way. Niall tied your legs together with his belt and said 'Now, i'm gonna see how long you can go without getting wet.' He let out a husky laugh and moved his head inbetween your breasts. You started kissing up and down your stomach andwould stop as he reached the top of your area.

You felt yourself getting wetter and continued to moan. 'My turn.' announced Zayn and walked over to you. You literally ripped off your shorts and sprayed whipped cream from your knee to inbetween your thighs. He put the can down and slowly and painfully licked the whipped cream up as he licked your leg. As he began getting closer to your area and you felt your body heat up. Niall and Liam still working on your upper half and now Zayn on the bottom. He chuckled as a shiver went through your body and added more whipped cream. Louis then walked over and dipped your hand into the chocolate as he bagan licking it off your fingers in a very sudective manner. You felt an orgasm coming and needed to filling the space in your area. You moaned uncontrollably as Harry came and sucked your your lips a while transferring the cherry from his mouth to your and back and forth. You needed someone badly. 'FUCK ME ALREADY!' You screamed as they all backed away and laughed.

'That's the point of the game. It's called Tease.' They smirked as they untied you and left you panting in your hotel room. 'See you tomorrow bright and early babe.' Zayn winked as they all left your apartment.

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