she's sick before performing and you're worried about her (requested)

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Ashley had been acting really strange all morning. She seemed to be needing more breaks in between soundcheck and her smile seemed to be more forced than genuine.

When evening rolled around and she was just a couple hours away from going on stage she kept holding her stomach like it was aching and she kept letting our groans. "Ash? You okay?" You asked as you walked up behind her.

She was slumped over on the couch as she clutched her stomach. You put your hands on her shoulder and listen to her uneven breathing. "I'm alright. Just not feeling too hot." She said and when you decided to kneel in front of her you saw just how clammy her skin looked. She looked pale and sticky with sweat.

You put your hand on her forehead and felt that she had a fever. "Oh, baby. You're burning up." She groaned in response. "Ash, maybe you shouldn't go on stage tonight." She shook her head and tried to control her breathing that was growing more erratic and uneven every second.

"No. The fans are already starting to come in. I'll be fine." She insisted and tried to stand up but when she did she nearly passed out. "Ash, sit back down." You rubbed her shoulder and watched her close her eyes. She stood back up a few seconds later again and this time, she didn't look like she was gonna pass out again.

"I'm fine, I promise." She tried to give you her best genuine smile before she left the room to go out to stage. You stayed behind for a moment to try to calm your anxiety that was forming from seeing your girlfriend ill.

You desperately hoped that she would be okay on stage and wouldn't end up throwing up or passing out. You eventually stood backstage and watched her perform. She was clearly off, her energy not as high as usual. The fans hyped her up though. they clearly noticed she wasn't feeling well so they helped her out, singing every word of every song at the top of their lungs for her.

During the last song was when you became the most worried. She was starting to slouch and clutch her stomach again. She was turning pale, she kept clearing her throat as if she was fighting back being sick. She'd never looked so sick before.

She finished and told the fans she loved them before rushing off stage as quickly as possible. She ran right by you and straight to the bathroom to be sick. You followed, apologizing to the crew as you nearly ran into them.

"Ash? Babe, are you okay?" You asked as you sat down behind her. She finished emptying her stomach before falling back onto your lap. "We need to get you to the bus and get you laying down." You cooed, helping her stand on her shaky legs. She rinsed her mouth out before you helped her to her dressing room and had her sit down while you gathered her things.

When you finished you went to take her hand and lead her out to the bus when she stopped you. "Are you gonna be sick again?" She gave you a small tired small and shook her head. "No. I just wanted to thank you." You smiled back at her and sat in front of her. "For what, Ash?"

You tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and planted a soft kiss to her warm cheek. "For caring about me and for taking such good care of me." "You'd do the same for me. I love you so much. Now let's get you to the bus." You let her take your hand and stand up slowly as you helped her to the bus and on the bunk.

You grabbed her a cold bottle of water from the fridge to help soothe her sore throat before climbing into bed next to her. She thanked you and took a few sips. She put her head on your chest and let you run your fingers through her hair. "I love you, y/n." She whispered as she started to fall asleep in your arms. "Love you too. Sleep tight, angel. Feel better soon. I'm here if you need anything."

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