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I closed my eyes and made desperate prayers to every god I could think of. Praying that someone would come and save me. Praying that Spencer would save me.

"You wanna shut up?" I gulped and nodded lightly. "Good." He pressed his lips to my forehead. I had to hold back from yelling again. "I'm gonna get some more toys for us." He put the knife down and left the room.

Once I was alone, I started crying. All the false strength that I was trying to put up fell apart. I cried loud and hard. I was so scared.

The guy ran back in and I attempted to calm myself down. He had a bag full of things that he slammed onto a nearby table. Something was pressed against my face. I struggled against before everything went blurry and faded away.


When I woke up, the man was painting my fingernails. He had put me in a different shirt. I felt I was gonna be sick. All of a sudden, he looked panicked. I was confused until I heard the sirens over the music. The police were coming. I wanted to cry again but this time out of joy. He was gonna get caught. I was saved.

The man took the knife from the table and turned off the music. In an instant, he was at my side again. He pulled the blindfold up over my eyes and put the gag back in my mouth. I tried to say something but it came out as nothing but groans. He threw a cloth sack over my head. I moved my arms against my restraints.

I heard the doors burst open. There was yelling and I couldn't make anything out for a moment. I felt the man tug my hair back again. The blade was at my throat. I felt so woozy. I was sure I had lost a lot of blood by now. I couldn't even feel my left hand anymore.

"Stay back! Stay back or I swear to god I'll cut her open!" the man screamed. He was holding me against his chest from behind. He was trying to use me as a shield.

"Chris, let her go!" a female voice said. "You don't have to do this. She is not Elizabeth."

"You don't know what you're talking about!" Chris yelled. He was breathing heavy.

"Elizabeth is dead. You know that." The voice caused my breath to hitch. I knew that voice. It was Spencer. I let my tears fall. I tried to stay quiet so that I wouldn't agitate Chris, but it was hard. I was sobbing heavy tears of joy. "Now, let that woman go!"

He didn't know who I was. I remembered that the bag was over my head. Spencer didn't even know that it was me. I couldn't tell him or show him it was me.

"Chris, I know it's hard," another male voice said. "I lost my wife. No one should have to go through that. But you can't let it turn you into a killer!"

"It's too late!" Chris sounded like he was crying. His hands were shaking. "I already killed those other girls! I can't go back!"

"No, you can't," the female voice from before said. "But, we can help you! Just drop the knife."

There was a moment of silence. I felt the knife leave my neck and I gasped. I heard a gunshot. I started crying harder than before. I felt hands on me and writhed as best I could.

"Hey! It's okay! I'm with the FBI. I'm one of the good guys." I realized it was Spencer again and I calmed down. "Let me help you."

I felt him lift the bag over my head. He paused for a moment before taking off the blindfold. I saw Spencer Reid staring down at me. I was crying up at him. He looked so scared and confused.

"Grace?" he asked, his voice cracking. I nodded lightly. He took the gag out of my mouth. My sobs filled the quiet room. He looked me over, taking everything in. He noticed my bloody wrist. I saw that he was starting to cry, too. "Oh my god. Please, no. Oh, Grace. I'm so sorry." He started to undo my restraints. "I'm so, so sorry."

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