Romano x Reader

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This one shot was requested by Ruby2829 so I thought why not! I hope you like it. I hope no one minds, but I am going to be censoring Romano's 'colorful language'. I will also finish the G8 + Canada soon, I just need a good storyline for them. I hope you like this one!


Today was beautiful. The sun is setting, there's a soft breeze, and nature just seems to be welcoming you. You're sitting on  a park bench, watching squirrels fight over a peanut.

"Oi _____!"

You turn around to see Romano running towards you, his curl bobbing up and down.

"Hey. Where's Spain?" You ask, tilting your head to the side.

"That bast*** is out with France and Prussia. I don't want to listen to them so I found-a you." He takes a seat next to you, pulls a tomato out of no where, and starts eating it.

"Where did you..."

"Where did I what?" He has a puzzled look on his face.

"You know what, nevermind."

He shrugs and continues eating the bright red fruit in his hands.

After several minutes of silence, you looked over and Romano's eyes drooping from exhaustion. 

Poor thing, You thought, Must be tired. It's kinda adorible though.

"Hey Romano."

He didn't seem to notice and kept drifting.

"Romano!" You reach up and tug his curl once. His eyes get wide and he jumps off the bench.

"Why-a you pull-a my curl bella?" His hands shoot up and cover it. He blushes and you try to keep yourself from glomping him because he looks so cute when he blushed.

"What's wrong? What does it do?" You reach for it again but he walks backwards, preventing you from touching it.

"U-um. It hurts-a, really bad." He stutters. Something in his eyes made you think he isn't being honest.

"Romano, I can tell when you are lying. I'm not stupid.You may as well tell the truth." Tapping your foot and crossing your arms, you wait for a responce.

He shakes his head.

"I will pull it some more."  You hold up your hand.

"Ok, ok, ok... Fine. I'll tell you." He looks around to see no one else and whispers in your ear what it really does.

"Wait a second. You mean to tell me, that curl gets you aroused?"

He nods, embarrased.

"Please, do not tell anyone. Only that tomato bast*** knows about it." He gets on his knees clutches your shirt.

He is very serious about it.

"Ok fine," His face fills with relief.

"But,"  you continue, his face filling with worry again, "You have to teach me how to make that pizza you always make for me."

He sighs.

"Alright! You are lucky you're a really good friend of mine or you would not live to see tomorrow." He grabs your hand and you both walk to his house.

xxxxxTime skip by Norway's floating curlxxxxx

He unlocks the door and opens it for you.

"Kitchen is over there." He points to a door on the other side of the room and hangs up your jacket for you. You've been to Romano's house a few times, but not enough to have memorized the layout.

He greets you in the kitchen and started pulling out ingredients.

Step by step, he shows you how to make it. Carefully kneeding the dough, evenly spreading out the sauce, adding the correct amout of spices, and how long to pop it into the oven.

While the pizza cooks, you guys talk and cracked jokes about how England can set bowls of cereal on fire in his sleep.

The timer goes off and Romano pulls it out of the oven, also grabbing a pizza cutter and evenly cutting it into 8 slices.

"Here bella. Careful, it's hot." He sets a plate in front of you and grabs one of his own.

You take a bite and the flavor dances around your tongue.

"Wow Romano. You are really good at making pizza. You have talent." He blushes, looking like a tomato in the proccess.

Romano picks up the dishes, and takes them to the sink where he begins the dishes.

You walk up behind him and tug his curl.

He spins around and grabs your wrist.

"B-bella. W-what are you doing?" The way his voice wavers makes you laugh.

"I'm doing an expirement." You said, laughing again.

"And what expirement would that be?" He tightens his grip on your wrist a little, scared of your next move.

"I am seeing how long it will take you to crack." You giggle even more, your face starting to turn red.

"That's not fair bella! The fact you are pulling my curl,it will be harder for me NOT to crack!" He lets go of your wrist. You raise an eyebrow at what he said and his face gets even redder

"I-I mean, uh, dang it." He hangs his head in defeat.

"Romano, you crack me up. Come on let's go for a walk." You turn toward the door but Romano grabs your wrist, not letting you go any further.

"You think you can pull-a my curl and walk away that easy? Think again bella." He said, and pulls you close, the scent of tomatoes filling your nose.

"Wanna bet?" You wiggle out of his grasp but he takes your shoulders and pins you to the wall. 

"Challenge accepted bella." Romano smashes his lips to yours. You smile into the kiss and slide down the wall, out of his grasp and crawl out inbetween his legs.

"Where you going bella?" He looks around to see you smirking. 

"I am going to the movies, and your coming with me." You stand up next to him, a challenging look in your eye.

"Who says I'll come with you?" He crosses his arms and turns to the side.

"If you don't I will drag you there by your curl." You reach up but keep your hand hovering in the air.

"You wouldn't."

"Oh I would." You grab his curl and he freezes, careful not to move.

"Ok fine. Please let go." he pleads.

You let go, pulling it down in the proccess. He squirms and you look him dead in the eye with mishief.

"Sometimes I really hate you bella."

"Aww you don't mean that." You giggle. He sighs.

"I know. Ti amo." He pulls you into a hug and nuzzled his nose into your hair.

"Ti amo Romano. Hey, that rhymes!" You return the hug and he let out a laugh.

"I believe you said something about the movies?" He wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you out the door.


That was longer than I thought it would be. In this story I tried to keep Romano's language censored a little. Is it just me or did he curse more when he was just a chibi? Anyway I hope you like it! This was requested by Ruby2829 so yeah. When you want me to write a one shot request for it. I also do country x country, not just reader x country so request those also! By the way, I apologize if this is not the best, I have not yet proof read it.

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