22. I need space

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I sniffed, pulling the fluffy blanket around my small frame. I haven't left the dorm in a week. I was going to go yesterday, but when I saw the video Jaebum sent me... I was thrown into depression.


I pulled my phone out, and saw I still had a new message.

I wonder...

I checked it, and saw it was a recording. I pressed play, and listened.

"-the act you have been putting up for the past few weeks"

"What act?" An all too familiar voice said.

"Don't play dumb now, you know what we are talking about"

"uh no I don't" he sounded genuinely confused.

"Oh come on! The stupid nice guy act you've been pulling to get into Jungkook's pants!"


"Ahhh, right. Sorry, I was just getting a little too into character" he laughed it off as if it was no big deal.

"Yeah.. Well anyway we just wanted to see how its going"

"oh don't worry, the little whore will be begging for me once I'm done"

I whimpered, heart aching with a sharp and agonizing pain.

The first voice speaks,"so you're gonna do it soon?"

"Duh, I got his stupid self wrapped around my finger" I let out a sob.

And not because it hurt, but because he was right. I was wrapped around his finger.

"Nice dude, well I got to go, catch you later" the first voice said and it went silent.

"Tae..." the second male spoke hesitantly,"I thought.. Isn't he different?"

I held my breath.

"Who? Jungkook? Nah, he's just another good looking piece of ass I wanna fuck"

"but Tae, everyone has seen how you two like each other, he's even made you a much happier and nicer person"

No. He hasn't changed.

Silent tears rolled down my face.

"Listen here. I don't give a shit about that little bitch, I'm doing this for a dare and nothing else"

"Taehyung, listen, you don't have to hide it from me, I can tell you like him and there's nothing wrong with that-"

"Shut up, I told you I don't like his fat, stupid ass okay?!"

It's true.

I am fat.

I am ugly.

I am unwanted.

I am a faggot.

I am gay.

I am disgusting.

I am useless.

No one wants me, no one needs me. I should just die... maybe then Taehyung will be happy...
"Tae..." the other sighed,"don't be stupid about this, or you might end up losing him."

"Sure, whatever you say, its not like I'd care either way" Tae replied coldly.

The other shouted,"Don't run from love Kim!"

Well either way, he's already lost me... even if my heart yearns for him, I won't give in. Not again.

End of flashback

"Hey Kook.. " Jimin came in, a packet in his hands.

I told him everything... and let him listen to the recording.

He hands me a banana milk, and I thank him gratefully.

"So...are you going to go to school tomorrow?" He asks gently.

"N-No..." I croak out.

I barely talk, and I haven't left my room.

"But Kook, I can't always keep bringing you your school work. Not to mention that finals are in two weeks!"

I let out a sigh. I didn't want to go, incase I ran into him.

"Please Kook... I know you didn't want me to interfere, but I asked the school to change your schedule, so that either me, Yoongi or Hobi will be with you"

I look up, "you did that..? F-For me?"

"Of course!" He smiles sweetly and pulls me into a hug.

I frown.


"Don't worry, we won't let him near you"

I bite my lip. I do need to continue my school work, and study for finals... even if I have handed in my resignation.

I haven't told the others yet, except for Jin, But I'm going to leave the school.

I won't be coming back after the  summer break, and will continue studying from home. My parents support my decision, even if they are a bit sad.

"Y-Yeah okay... just, um I need to tell you something"

"Thank you Kook, I know it's hard for you... and you can tell me anything"

I felt so bad. Jimin and I had become so close, I felt as if we were soulmates.. .but the friend kind. We just, clicked. And I was so happy to finally be able to spend time with my brother whom I missed so much ...

And Jin is like a mother to me, and I wanna cry at the thought of not having him around me constantly. Namjoon is a bit weird at times, but I really look up to him. He is always so calm and collected- kind of- and I admire him and see him as another big brother.

And surprisingly Yoongi has warmed up to me, always defending me and standing up for me...

I finally feel like I found my family.

And Taehyung.... Well, I already miss him. And it breaks what's left of my shattered heart to leave him, but its for my mental, physical and emotional health.

"I-I am leaving after the summer break" I look down.

"W-What? No, please tell me you're joking" I hear his voice break.

I sniff, and let a few tears roll down my cheek before pulling him into a hug.

He automatically hugs me back, holding me tightly as he starts to cry.

"No, p-please don't l-leave.."

"I-I'm sorry c-chim"

He just sobs loudly, which attracts attention from the others.


"H-He is l-leaving!!!" Jimin shouts through a hiccup.

"What...?" Yoongi asks.

"B-Because of that ass!" Jimin sobs louder.

After a few moments, multiple arms were wrapped around us, and Namjoon, Jin, Hobi and even Yoongi cried.


Yeah.... sad for our lil' bun😢😭

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