Chapter Twelve: A Happily Ever After

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It was a month or so later when we finally managed to relocate everyone within the Kingdom. The walls of the Kingdom were even expanded and rebuilt. We may have been the God and Goddess of Mayjie but the clans, now one large clan, accepted my Mother and Father as their King and Queen.

Olysseus and I even had a house built near the castle where we could raise the twins. Also true to his word, my mate made me an engagement ring and took up smithing in a shop of his own next to our home. We were in charge of our military within the Kingdom but in a new time of peace, we were in no rush to make new battle strategies.

I helped Father train new recruits and even taught many of the Mayjie as well. Tone was the one to teach the young Mayjie in the art of magic for both battle and farming. Many families were happy to start working with nature and creating new gardens within the Kingdom. Mother was ecstatic to work with her new people in growing them and even got a lot of the Demons to join.

It was truly a time of prosperity and I was one very happy woman. Now fully bonded and to be wed in a month I couldn't ask for anything more. I could only hope that the future would forever be this peaceful and prosperous.

Although, I had a feeling deep within that things weren't going to stay like this forever. But in the meantime, I would enjoy our victory and raise two amazing little boys with my equally amazing Mate.

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