Chapter Eleven: The Goddess Returns

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I had never seen such pure joy before from Olysseus. I was eternally grateful to him, my family and Tone. If it wasn't for them. I'd still be dead. I didn't make it to the afterlife. I actually just floated in darkness. Most likely some sort of limbo between dimensions. But it was there I met two twin boys. They were the sweetest little things. Although, I was confused for they kept calling me their mother. As far as I knew I wasn't pregnant. It was a possibility. One I had never given too much thought about. We were just always busy with the clans that the thought never occurred to me.

But those boys helped me stay in limbo. Until a warm, red light surrounded us all. It was then I woke up to see my wonderful mate looking down at me. Was it possible they just marked me to be their mother? I felt a wide range of emotions from happy to confused and then straight to fear. Olysseus raised one of his brows in question. I forgot he would be able to feel my emotions now through our bond.

"What are you frightened of, Little Mate?"

"I think we're going to be parents."

"Well of course. Sooner or later. You're kind of stuck with me now, Dove."

"That's not what I meant." I laughed at his teasing and picked up one of his hands.

Once I set his hand over my lower abdomen and smiled at him. The realization quickly hit him and to my relief all he felt was joy.

"I'm going to be a Father?" He questioned, needing confirmation. I nodded and joined him in his contagious joy.

"I'm going to be a Grandfather?" Father suddenly spoke, sounding shocked.

Mother burst into laughter and I couldn't help but join in. Father seemed torn. He didn't know whether to hug or kill my mate. At least Mother was excited and immediately jumped up and hugged both Olysseus and I after her laughter died down. After the hug Mother pulled away and ran up to my Father. Mother took his hand and he let her drag him over to us. Father's wings ruffled in slight agitation until he broke and finally smiled.

"Welcome to the family, Olysseus. I expect you to look after them and protect them with your life."

"Of course, Sir. Thank you."

"Gah! Don't call us Sir or Mam. It's Father and Mother now. Besides, having someone call me sir makes me feel like an old man."

We all chuckled at Father's joke and I relished every bliss-filled moment. Not only was I alive. But I was also going to be a mom in roughly nine months. After we defeat Lord Clone of course.

"Alright. Who feels like kicking some ass? I have a score to settle and the end result will be his death. If Lord Clone really thinks we are going to let him destroy Olympus and rule over Earth. Then he's truly a fool."

"He's more like a crazy, sadistic murderer. But yeah. I'll happily rip his arms off for you, Dove."

"I better get a hug before we battle, Peace! I've been frozen without affection for who knows how long now." Zinnake teased and trotted up to us.

We were still all sitting upon the stained table and it was very uncomfortable. I got down with help from Olysseus and flopped my arms around the old hellhound. Zinnake nuzzled my neck and left slobbery kisses all over my face, making me laugh. Olysseus was still on high alert, fearing what may be happening outside. We could both feel the low ringing of worried minds coming from our clans. After I managed to rid my face of left-over kisses I got up off my knees.

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