Chapter Ten: Olysseus's Point Of View

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I watched as I could do nothing to save the only light in my life. The precious woman who had become my everything now laid dead in my arms. Master Flare also laid dead on the floor, murdered by Lord Clone for loving his son. I was finally free from his spell, but I did not feel free. Peace looked so content in my arms in those final moments. I begged her and then to the Gods and Fates. I just wanted my Little Mate to live. My heart was broken as I held her slowly chilling form. I could feel the salty tears freely flowing down my face. But it did not ease the pain of my loss.

Grief filled every sense of my being and in that moment. I wanted nothing more than to follow her into the afterlife. No roars of pain came from my still lips, even though I wanted to scream to the heavens. Nothing but tears escaped as I held the gift of a woman close in my arms. I noticed the clans started to part, even dragging their sobbing children to follow their new Master. I felt nothing towards the clans now. I hated them all. But I know she wouldn't want me too.

"Please come back to me, Peace." I whispered and kissed her forehead.

A part of me still held hope that she would live. But the other side of me knew she was dead. That was until a sudden flash of bright blue light blinded me. Once I cleared my vision with a few blinks there stood in front of me her family and Tone! Her Hellhound, Mother, Father and a couple soldiers. Tone looked exhausted but healthy, now the spell had been broken.

"What happened? I left to get help." Tone explained and jumped over the benches.

"By the heavens! My baby!" Peace's Mother screamed and both her Mother and Father ran up to me.

I met their eyes and immediately they knew what had happened.

"There is a way! There is a way to bring her back. If I can get her body to heal we might still have a chance!" Her Mother explained and powerful blue flames covered her form.

She hesitated for only a moment as she approached me. We were not on good terms the last time we met so I didn't hold any ill will towards her for being cautious. I laid my beautiful bride to be back on the stone table and took a step back. I was coated in blood and I noticed not all was Peace's. I turned and noticed the slain soul slaves didn't rise again from the dead. Their mangled corpses were sprawled and some even thrown across the room. I didn't even remember doing that. I was just trying so desperately to get to her.

I watched in silence as her mother held her in her arms and alighted both of them in those healing blue flames. The same flames Peace had used countless times to either heal or save my sorry ass.

"Once she heals, you two will bond like Gods using heart glows." Her Father explained, his voice only failing him once.

He was an emotionally stronger person then I and I held a lot of respect for the man. They truly raised an amazing woman together.

"I'm not a God."

They all looked at me like I was being stupid or something. But I honestly did not see myself as a God. I could not be the God of Mayjie. Peace was born a Goddess and was bound to find a title somewhere. I'm just a mutilated warrior. A beast.

"You two are mates. You established a connection! You are the God of Mayjie, Olysseus!" Tone yelled at me.

"He is hurting. Take it easy. But, Olysseus. Look, she's healing!" Her Mother cheered, giving out a breath of relief.

I took a step closer and her Father glared at me. Her Mother and Father shared a look before he huffed in defeat. Peace's Mother smiled and signalled me over with her one hand. I approached, needing to see it for myself. Could she truly still live? The Hellhound paced in front of the soldiers as Tone finally noticed his dead Father.

"He was killed for caring about you, Tone. You're Father loved you in the end. Also, Clone admitted he killed your Mother as your Father died. I thought you had the right to know."

Tone gave me a look of thanks, but I could see the pain and even feel it in the connection to the clan. It was a strong sting that made me notice it was him. I felt the sting go straight to my chest and more, lesser one's followed as the connections were being reformed. I ignored the feeling and finally looked down at Peace.

There was no longer a wound anywhere on her! I looked at the miracle before me and quickly took my beloved in my arms after her Mother handed her over. I wasn't sure what to do or how to connect these heart glows, but I would do anything to get her back.

"Focus on your love for her." Came from the Hellhound.

I did as he said and looked down at the love of my life. I focussed and thought about her. She was my world. I would do anything to make her happy. Peace was truly my everything and I loved her with all my heart. A bright red light flowed from my chest, startling me. I pulled my little mate closer and watched as it flowed into her now healed chest. A shock ran through my system before I felt her heart start to beat once again. The white light we had seen before flowed like a stream from her chest, connecting us.

In that moment I felt every beat of her heart, every breath she now took. Pure joy overwhelmed my senses as the realization she was alive set in. My beautiful Little Mate was alive! I couldn't help the smile that took over my face as her gorgeous reddish-golden eyes greeted my own.

"Hello, my Love." Peace spoke, her voice quiet but quickly gaining strength.

"Thank you, Little Mate."

"For what, Darling?"

"For coming back to me." I whispered before gently kissing her plump lips.

She smiled and melted into our kiss. Our heart glows danced in perfectharmony for a few moments before they dispersed. The connection to the clanswas fully established again and I could feel all the joy from the children withthe strongest connections to us. It was a wonderful feeling and I relishedevery second with my Dove.

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