Death and Dark Signs

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(A/N) Welcome to book 2 of Yearning Dark Soul!!!

I'm in love with Dark Souls right now.. soo... here's a chapter for the new book. :) A little something to celebrate my graduating AIT. Also, I'm switching up the writing style a bit, seeing if I can pull it off. If I can't, let me know.  I'm gonna switch back if it's not. Anyways, enjoy!!


"Mark my words.. Ashen one... you remain among the accursed.." These words echoed through the afformentioned Ashen One's head. He slowly stirred to consciousness.

"Augh.. my head.." He mumbled to himself as he sat up. "It's like I got smashed by Yhorm all over again." He glanced about his surroundings. Still in the wasteland of the Grimm.

For the past couple of months Y/N has been trapped inside of the dark world. He kept attempting to exit to the green world of Remnant, but as he did, he was fried beyond recognition, his skin almost literally melting away as he turned to ash. Some sort of magic barrier prevented him from escaping the confines of this hellspawned valley.

'What could that mean? Why did I hear Lothric?' The Ashen One scratched where his chin would be on his Faraam helmet as he thought. 'Maybe I should try the valley. No amount of spell, weapon, or miracle seems to work on that barrier. I guess I'll just have to push forward. Deeper into the valley.' And so, the hero did just that. Instead of turning tail and walking down the seemingly impossible-to-navigate stairs to the way out, he slowly made his way to the dark castle that settled itself on the cliffside above the valley. "Time to confront this Salem." Y/N said to himself.


Ruby had begun her journey to Mistral. JNPR, and her sister were joining her. Although their dad was heartbroken, he knew that they had to grow up eventually, and after all, they were huntresses.

It's been months since Ruby lost her beloved Lord of Hollows. She still wore her armor that was gifted to her by the knight, as well as her ring. She still couldn't believe it, the man she'd seen die before and return finally ended. Of course the poor girl cried, but not in front of the others, after all, not everyone really liked the man.

"Ruby." Yang stared at her sister. "Are you okay? You're awefully quiet." Ruby snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Yang.

"Yeah.. I'm fine. Just a little tired" She replied.

"Well.. stop. We're almost to the next town, and we need a leader."

"I'll get right on that.." Ruby pulled out her scythe as she widened her stride, breaking away from the group to go ahead and scout.

The sign read Uesaki Sare. Another local village on the very long path to Mistral.

As Ruby strode her way into town, she saw people celebrating. Many were dancing around, throwing flower petals and whole flower necklaces around. They flew banners that were in a different language.

Upon closer inspection the Rose Reaper found that the entire population was Faunus. Mostly tiger faunus, but some were monkey. They were all gathered around a statue. The statue was of a knight, in armor similar to Y/N, but not exact. He had a broadsword, stabbing a Beowolf's head that was on the ground. In front of the statue sat a Bonfire. Dimmed, as if it had yet to be lit. Multiple necklaces draped it, as if they thought it to be apart of their festivities.

Ruby was stopped by a male tiger faunus. He had ragged clothes, no shoes, and orange hair. He was laughing almost hysterically and threw a necklace around her. It missed, slapping the girl in the face. "Sorry, ma'am!!" Ruby shook her head and smiled. "No, no, it's fine. What's going on?"

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