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TW: death, blood.

- - - - -

He felt hot tears pour down his pale and cold cheeks, holding the corpse that was full of life a few seconds ago.

Hanako knew she would die young, but he didn't want her to go so soon. Even though he made sure to make her happy and enjoy the few months she had left it hurt him to see Yashiro like this.

The sparkly red eyes he loved staring at were now dull. Nene's red cheeks had tear stains. Her neat school uniform tinted with crimson and her pink lips dripping blood- it all broke his heart.

The ghost screamed and sobbed, choking on his tears in the process- its not like he cared anyway, his comfort was ripped away from him. Someone he considered close and would cease to exsist for.

Maybe he could've avoided it. Maybe he could've had her live a little longer, see her smile once more and hear her ramble about her small crushes, but he couldn't. He should've told her to stay in school, so she could be safe and alive, but things didnt go as expected and a sharp knife pierced her chest.

She was gone, forever, and he couldn't do anything about it.

- - - - -

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