Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

A dreadful week passed as Rye and Ellanore bickered about everything related to the festivals and Xavier searched for a way to break the spell. Rye saw less and less of Kit, Toby hardly ever called...Ellanore was her only source of company when Xavier was away.

"Do you have a dress for the festivities?" Ellanore asked her one morning.

"No," Rye said, "Do I need anything specific or can it be any dress."

"Well that depends on whether or not Xavier will be doing the blessings with you on stage," Ellanore said scanning the newspaper.

"We're still working on that," Rye sighed. The council had advised Xavier to not do the rituals with Rye during the festival. Rye was not happy about it. She didn't care who saw them or what they thought, it was her right and she was tired of giving up everything.

Ellanore looked over at Rye and slowly put her newspaper down. She watched the sadness that crossed Rye's face.

"You have to fight for your rights," Ellanore said quietly, "No one will just hand them to you."

Rye looked up a bit surprised. She hadn't expected Ellanore to take her side on the discussion.

"The circumstances are...strange and difficult. But there is always a way." Ellanore continued.

Rye looked at her skeptically, "Weren't you the one that didn't want me to go to his birthday part because I would be seen by people?"

"Did you listen?"


"Are you dead because of it?"


"Then it did you well to defy did you very well. Now you have Xavier."

Rye remained quiet, "Are you telling me to break the rules?"

"My dear, I never thought you were the type to wait around for permission to break the rules." Ellanore huffed.

Rye smiled, "What do you think I should do?"

"For now?" Ellanore got up from the table, "Pick a dress."


Dress picking was not an easy task.

Ellanore had called in the royal tailor who measured Rye a billion times in various ways. The group of men, in unison, would look her up and down and sketch away for minutes at a time. They produced several designs, some of which Rye rejected and some which Ellanore crumbled up and threw in the trash. Every time she did something like that, Rye would flash an apologetic smile at the tailors.

By noon, Ellanore had decided Rye should wear a corset.

Rye had never worn a corset...she agreed without much thought...and she regretted her decision immediately.

The tailors fitted her into a cream corset and strapped her in. With each pull of the strings she felt her insides dislocate. By the end of it she was flushed and weezing.

"Stand up straight!" Ellanore complained.

"I can't!" Rye leaned on the chair next to her dramatically, "I can feel my small intestine touching my lungs."

Ellanore rolled her eyes, "But now you have a tiny waist."

Rye couldn't breathe properly, "I need to go pee," she said breathlessly.

"Stop saying that aloud," Ellanore snapped.

Rye was too dizzy to give a hoot. She stumbled out of the room and headed for Xavier's office.

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