***Chapter 4***

Serenity's Pov

So here I am,in my personal hell.Luxor,with Jace,Blake,Liz and Usui.Jace is staring at me intently from the couch,non stop and honestly it scares the crap out of me.Especially since Blake is also examining me,as if trying to solve a puzzle.I bet thinking is a new thing for him.Anyway,usually I love Luxor,but now when i'm stuck with a stalker(Jace) and a potential rapist(Blake).Usui I dont mind.He's nice and Liz obviously has a huge crush on him.They have been flirting endlessly.

The room is pretty sweet,well it is a suite...yep I'm a dork.Anywho it has a living room,bedroom and mini kitchen.It has crimson carpets and curtains,grey sofas,glass tables,plasma TV, and other sweet stuff.Usui said its the Tower Luxury Suite.Rich people....

Well the room is nice,but I'm bored and the atmosphere is very uncomfortable.I stealthily get up,unnoticed by average humans...Yes I'm a ninja.Well I like to think so.I've got ninja skills and they are going to help me get out of here.

"So im going to go take of my business..."I say nonchantly.

Liz and Usui don't even hear me,but Jace replies with,"Don't fall in the tiolet."I choose to ignore his comment.

I sneakily made my way toward the exit,making it seem as if I'm heading toward the bathroom.At the last second I take a sharp left turn and run lik hell,out the door.I make it half way,until I get tackled onto my back by a fatty.Jace.

"Where you going shortstuff?"He asks with amusement,looking down at me.I groan,annoying prick.

"Away from you."I state bluntly and he chuckles.His arms are on either side of my head and he has his lower body on mine.This position is very uncomfortable.

Suddenly a middle aged woman walks out of a room and gasps."Youngsters cant even wait to get to a room these days".She says dissaprovingly.

"Well it is more exciting out here.I like an audience."Jace smirlks wildly.I quickly slap his arm and he glares at me,rubbing his arm.Wuss.Hes even pouting.

"Actually you are witnessing an innocent ,young lady being raped by a pedophile.Could you find kindness in your heart and save me?"I ask seriously,looking straight into her eyes.She gasps in looks from Jace to me.

"Dont worry Ma'm,my girlfriend is just a drunk.I just can't seem to seperate her from her beloved alcohol..."Jace sighs sadly and I slap him again.But I had to admit,hes a good liar.The woman looks at me horrified and strides away,toward an elavator.

"Nice going.Now she thinks I'm a slut and a drunk."I accuse flatly.

Jace smirks,his grey eyes twinkling,mischeviously,"Its not youy fault you cant resist me."He says huskily,looking down at me.

I roll my eyes."Get off of me pervert."

"Nah,I ,like this position very much."

"Are you done sexually harassing me?"I ask irritated and before he can respond,I knee him in the stomach.He rolls off gasping.

"I was not expecting that.Jeez your violent shortstuff."

I smirk and am about to walk toward an elavator when Liz comes sprinting toward me.

"Serenity!Guess what?!"She blurts excitedly.I smile at her girliness,its entertaining.

"What?"I ask rasinig my eyebrow.

"Usui asked me out!"She hollers and I wince,covering my ears.I'm happy for her though.Maybe she'll finally date a guy that isn't a douche.

"Awesome!He seems nice."