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Sasuke looked through the window...he has been waiting for 10 minutes and finally his face brightened up when he saw the four. Temari and Hinata waved goodbye to Ino and Sakura and left. As they reached he doorway, Ino waved goodbye to Sakura and left also, mouthing a few words before leaving completely.

Sasuke saw Sakura open the door and he sat plainly "Sasuke?" Sakura asked him. He inwardly pouted, he missed the -kun.... "Sakura, can I take you out to your favorite place?" Sasuke asked "And where is that?" Sakura asked "Sakura Garden just outside the Hidden Leaf Forest..." Sasuke replied and Sakura smiled "In that case, then yes...I would love to..." Sakura replied and Sasuke gave a small smile to her and they both left the house.

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