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Sakura and Neji went down to earth and looked for Sakura's earth body "Where could she be?" Sakura said "Sakura we only have a few hours left!" Neji said "Sh*t! Don't pressure me, Hyuga or you will have to pay the price!" Sakura said "Just informing you...hey, there's Hinata,  Ino and Temari! They have your Earth Body with them!" Neji said which made Sakura look.

Indeed it was three of her best of friends and they were kinda talking to her Earth Body in a Awkwardly Manner. "Let's follow them!"Neji said and they did. They stopped when her three friends left her body for a while. "Neji you look after my earth body...I'll listen to what they are talking about..." Sakura said and she went closer to her friends.

Sakura listened but all she can catch was;


Temari...entertain...we find...check

The three high-fived and Sakura was disappointed 'Stupid Noisy villagers...' Sakura thought and she came back to Neji "Heard anything?" he asked "Not clearly..." Sakura said and the two sighed. "Hey look, looks like they're leaving..." Neji said and they followed them. Turns out they were headed to her house "My...previous house?" Sakura asked confusion taking over her.

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