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"What do you mean, Shikami?" Neji asked "It states that Sakura Haruno has two personalities; one her real self, and two her Inner Sakura...her inner emotions...some part of the inner Sakura seperated from her body and seems as if it is because of The Medicine Tsunade and Shizune made you was the side effect..." Shikami explained to them "So how am I supposed the get back?" Sakura asked.

Shikami sighed "You only have until the sun has been completely covered by the horizon. You must find a way to make your memory-less body to the Cherry Blossom garden near the Hidden Leaf Forest...if not, you will die completely..." Shikami explained "Easy peasy!" Sakura said but she looked onto Shikami "It isn't as easy as I thought, is it?" Sakura asked.

Shikami sighed once again "Somebody should be accompanying your memory-less body to the cherry Blossom garden...and that someone is supposed to be someone who shows the most love to you...once you get to the garden, sit by the cliff. Someone should also be accompnying your spirit self and that someone is you, Neji..." Shikami said "Now this next part is for Sakura onky so please step out, Neji..." Shikami said and Neji obeyed.

Once Neji stepped out, Shikami faced Sakura "Sakura, if you two complete this mission, you will help Neji grant his be alive once again..." Shikami said "But...if I do succeed, and Neji will be alive again, won't the other villagers get creeped out because they knew Neji did die and his grave is at the cemetery?" Sakura asked "Once Neji lives you will all witness then fading of this, go, you and Neji must hurry and you musn't tell Neji that he will live if you succeed because you tow might not get focused on your real go! The sun will not wait for you..." Shikami said as Sakura went out, grabbed Neji and off they went back to earth.

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