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Present time

Usually the cafeteria is lit by the students chattering around. It's a constant buzz during every minute of the lunch time. But today things were different.

Everyone was giving sidelong glances to the table into the far end corner of the room. To the face which was always smiling but,today, had sunken eyes and it looked like the blood had been drained from her body. The face no one had seen in the past few days. It looked like that these days had sucked the life out of the once most beautiful Maya Bloom.

Days kept passing and the situation turned from bad to worse but people started forgetting about it. All of them. Teenagers started getting used to her face and now didn't bothered looking her way. Like she doesn't exist anymore for them. Except for him. Who always found solace in that gorgeous smile. His muse. Though she's always been unaware of his presence but he always was sensitive to hers.

Looking at her, had made his days solemn. And then he decided to take a step ahead to help her out of her miseries. He wanted to be there to help her fight whatever her demons were.

Now the question was will he succeed?
Or is it too late?

Hello guys. I just came up with an idea today and I really want to write this one. I guess I'll be trying to do both my stories side by side or just complete one before another.

I'm really excited to begin writing again. I hope y'all will like my story. It may seem a tad bit of here and there but I'll do my best edit before posting.

Thank you so much and please do vote and comment for support.

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