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Sakura was  standing on something soft and fluffy "Where am I?" and she tried to think of the last thing that happened before she blacked out;

Shizune, give her the meds quick!


My eyes...they're blacking out...




Here, Sakura, drink this


(drank the meds)





"What am I standing on?" she asked "A cloud, Sakura...wait, what are you doing here?" a voice asked...a very familiar voice "N...NEJI?????" Sakura said. Indeed it was none other than the Hyuga Genius, Neji Hyuga, Hinata's cousin and Tenten's lover "Shouldn't you be back on Earth?" he asked "Back on Earth? What do you mean?" Sakura asked "Sakura you do know that I'm dead?" Neji asked and Sakura gasped "Am I dead too?! I shouldn't die, I have to take care of Sasuke-kun and Sarada!" Sakura panicked.

"We must ask my friend if you are really dead...I wasn't send any words of other people coming..." Neji said as he led Sakura through a gate that looked like it was made of cotton....

"First thing first, can you tell me what happened to the village so far?" Neji asked as they walked "Well, Naruto married your cousin, Hinata, they had kids named Bolt Uzumaki and Himawari Uzumaki...and Naruto became Hokage too..." Sakura stated "It's so sad that I wasn't able to see my nephew and niece...but what about Uchiha? Is he treating you good? or any of the villagers?" Neji asked as his white eyes wandered "Sasuke...he leaves often to see the world...and I take care of our daughter,  Sarada Uchiha..." Sakura explained.

"What about the others?" Neji asked "Well, Sai and Ino are married (A/N: I repeat, I'm not a fan of SaiIno) and they had a child named Inojin Yamanaka. Shikamaru married Temari and they had a child named Shikadai Nara. Choji married one the previous Raikage's assistant, Karui and they had a child named ChoCho Akimichi. Kurenai-sensei takes care of her daughter. Akamaru had pups, Kiba has a wife, Shino is the children's teacher in the Academy and oh yeah, Rock Lee always trains with his son..." Sakura was saying but she was cut by Neji who said "Wait, wait, wait, Lee has a son?!" he asked and Sakura nodded.

"What about...Tenten?" he asked, sounding hesitant. " her weapon shop...always visiting your grave..." Sakura said softly. "I wish I could've lived...I would've loved to see you guys...ah, here we are..." Neji said as he opened a door.

When they both entered it, a man, dressed in white and he has a long white beard...though he has a beard, his face looks kind and cheerful "Shikami...I need to ask you...did a girl named Sakura Haruno Uchiha die recently?" Neji asked the man " of that name..." Shikami said "Then why is she here?" Neji asked. Shikami looked onto Sakura. He studied her for a moment and stood up and went closer to them. " a different case..."

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