031 : family reunion

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ITH HER ENGAGEMENT RING (MORE THAN A YEAR OVERDUE) WAS SAT PRETTILY ON HER RING FINGER, SCARLETT AND TOM WERE WALKING ALONGSIDE EACHOTHER TO THE DOOR OF THE HOSPITAL. Today was the 13 week scan, which inevitably means that the couple were going to find out the gender of their baby. It was as nervewracking as it was exciting. Scarlett had planned today out for a week, making sure she would come at the least busy time, and entering in a back entrance that nobody with cameras and phones would see her walk into. She was in the public eye, but she wasn't planning for her unborn baby to be just yet.

"We can finally work on the colour schemes of the nursery after today, which is just a massive bonus." Tom squeezes Scarlett's hand excitedly, and Scarlett breaks into a wide beam in reply.

"And our wedding if I want to fit into any wedding dress. At this point, I'm getting bigger every time I even look at my stomach." Scarlett sighs, her hand glazing over her abdomen. She wondered if she had gained too much weight too quick, which was bad according to the dozens of pregnancy books that Scarlett's been reading in her spare time.

"Hey! You'll look gorgeous, no matter how big your stomach'll get. You're carrying a full on human person in there!"

"As opposed to what, an alien person?" Scarlett retorts, causing an eruption of laughter between the couple as they take their seats in the near empty waiting room. The only other person was an elderly man that didn't even know who Tom or Scarlett were, so they were incredibly lucky.

After a few minutes of waiting, a midwife and consultant appear at the door calling Scarlett's name, and she stands with her hand firm in Tom's, walking into the clinic room and laying down on the bed.

"So Scarlett, this is your first time for a scan, but you've had confirmation from another clinic a few weeks ago that you had a scan at around eight weeks, so this is completely normal. Are you the father?" The consultant rambles, her question taking Tom aback, but he nervously nods.

"Yep, half Holland there."

The consultant smiles gently, "My son is a massive fan, by the way. Watches your films at least once a day!" She chuckles, and Tom smiles too, only a little more awkwardly as he and Scarlett share a worrying look concerned with their privacy.

"Oh, don't worry. It's all confidential, it has to be." She assures them both, and the couple take a sigh of relief, Scarlett quickly being instructed to lift her jumper up so her stomach was on show, ready for the ultrasound gel.

The consultant places the gel, getting the ultrasound stick out and spreading the gel all across Scarlett's abdomen, and the small and faint sound of a heartbeat comes in the speakers. Tom's face crumbles with emotion, the first time he has ever seen his child with his own eyes, tears blurring the vision slightly after the constultant points out where the feotus is.

"Oh my God, Scar, that's our child. We made that." He sobs, and Scarlett cries with him, holding eachother tightly as they stare into eachother's eyes before looking at the screen once more, cherising every last moment of the live video.

The consultant releases the stick from Scarlett's stomach, handing her a paper towel to wipe the gel off, taking her gloves off anf throwing them in the nearby bin. "So, all is well and as expected. Mum and the babies seem to be responding well to the pregnancy."

Scarlett and Tom smile in relief, but harshly turn their heads toward their doctor when she used a plural of a certain word. "Sorry, did you just say babies?" Scarlett almost shouts, freaking out from the probable mishearing.

"Yes, the abortion clinic did refer to me that there were twins from the ultrasound, did they not inform you?" The doctor asks, and Scarlett shakes her head as hard as she could.

"Would I react like this if I knew I was carrying twins?!" She continues, and Tom also joins in, "Why didn't they tell my wife about this? We had to take enough time to acknowledge we were having one baby!"

The consultant sighs, "Well, seeing as you never went back there, they might not have had a chance. Look, it's hereditary normally, so do you two havr a history of twins in the family?"

Tom bites his lip, "I have twin brothers."

"Well, you clearly carry the gene for twins that has passed into the DNA of your children. That's why your wife is so big for her first term, Mr Holland, she's carrying an extra load."

Scarlett stayed silent for a moment, coming to terms with the news. Another one. But for some reason, it didn't cause her as much torment as the first time she heard about a baby, because she loves them so much, even when she thought there was only one.

"Are they identical? What are my babies' gender?" She asks quietly, and Tom looks at her in astonishment, but she grabs his hands, looking at him deeply.

"They're ours. That's all that matters." She whispers to her husband, and he nods, kissing her forehead, smiling excitedly again. They were most certainly going to celebrate when they get home.

"Well, lucky for you, you have one of each, so there's no identical twinning going on, incae you were scared about telling the two apart. A boy and a girl."

They were a perfect family of four.


tom holland — tomholland1996

best day ever. i love it. forever
seared into my heart.

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words cannot express my
happiness rn. i love u all. today
is a truly magical day. the best surprise
ever. 20th march 2020.

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surprise bitch ;)

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