Nicole: Starting YouTube/Introduction to YouTube Video

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I was quiet.

A very good kind of quite. The shy kid who always stayed below the radar. I was that kid who didn't get around to playing with other kids in the neighborhood.

But then...

I grew up...

Boys started to look so good to me. I started to notice some attractive things about them and sometimes, wanted to just turn it off.


I couldn't. They were boys! And I was a girl. Girls get attracted to boys when they reach a certain age.

Now, I'm nineteen, straight outta highschool and I just got my first camera! Yeah, I had saved up for this and I was pretty sure it was going to be awesome.

Although, it wasn't awesome when I broke it to my parents. The big news that was definitely going to make my Dad go ballistic.

It did make him go crazy.

"You want to what?" His eyes almost popped out of their sockets. "Baby girl, say that again cause I think I just heard you saying something about not going to college."

"Honey, I'm pretty sure that's what she said." My Mom intervened.

I knew she didn't like my idea, but she's deciding to stay away from my decisions. Something about not following her Mother's footsteps.

Helps sometimes.

"Yes, Dad. I just don't think college is for me." I said with straight eyes.

"Oh I think it is, cause last time I checked, it was created for kids who just got out of highschool."

"But Dad..."

"Don't but Dad me Nikky. You want to give up college for YouTube? YouTube?"


Yes... Being on YouTube and having my own channel had been one of my dreams for quite a while now, that's why I got my camera and wanted to not go to college.

I spend most of my time on YouTube, watching videos and subscribing to channels.

I had crushes on YouTubers... The boys of course.

Yeah, I also love couple channels. I watch their challenges and their games and also their hilarious pranks on each other! Especially the break up pranks... They did get me teary at all times.

I would sit and watch countless of videos till I dozed off and it never did get old.

I wanted my own channel and I was going to get it.

No matter what it took.


"YouTube isn't so bad honey... People make a great deal of money from it these days."

"I also heard that people became CEOs of great companies because they went to college."

I fought myself from rolling my eyes at him.

"It's what I want Dad. I want to start YouTube and I will start it."

"Oh, you sound so confident." He said, in awe and in annoyance.

"It's been a long time dream Dad."

He shook his head. "A long time dream to sit in front of that stupid camera, talking about stupid things to people whom you can't even see... That sounds like a fine dream."

"Honey, come on... We promised to support her in anything and everything she wanted to do after highschool." My mom said.

"Yeah, that was because I thought she was going to forfeit medicine for music. If I had known it would be for YouTube and college, I wouldn't have promised anything." He whispered back to my Mom.

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