Chapter 4

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Then those guys looked at us and said” Well Guess what?”

“Err… what?” We both said at the same time.

“This is not a good place to tell you all this. We will get you two some other time to tell you all this for now we need to go as we need to get things ready” the guy said.

“Get things ready for what?” I asked but I guess they didn’t hear it as they had already disappeared from the room leaving me and Iyaz alone and with the suspense still going on.

“Man what is this all about?” I said looking at Iyaz’s direction.

“Well Tash… I’m just as clueless as you are. These guys sure are a creep” he said making a weird face.

“Oh! Well let’s get back to our classes. I think we have missed enough classes already” I said.

“I don’t think we will be able to join any classes today. Look the school hours are about to be over” He said pointing out at the digi com that was hanging on the metal walls.

“Oh! Well… than what do we do then?” I asked him.

“Um… why don’t we go to our fav  nickel jam game deluxe and kick more techno butts. Remember last time when we confused the robo’s and made them fight among themselves?”

I remembering that moment and said” Ya how could I even forget that moment. We sure had a lot of fun those robos r no match for us LOl”

''''bell rings''''

“Oh! Crap looks like we won’t be able to go now. I forgot that it is Thursday I need to go. I just got a message from my boss saying I need to be there right away. If I don’t go then they will again cut my salary. Stupid people”

“Oh well go then. Ted must also be on its way to pick me up. Bye partner”

“Bye partner see you tomorrow”