Chapter. 8

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[[ Colby's POV ]]

Today was a day I never wanted to repeat. Confusion had settled down in my mind, claiming a spot in my brain, and my emotions had also messed with me and my heart. In other words, today was a sad and confusing day for me. I have been avoiding Sam as much as possible and been ignoring his calls whenever he got a chance to catch up to me. It hurt my heart hearing his constant apologizes and watching him beat himself up over something he didn't do wrong.

The day Sam held me, I felt safe, calm. I wasn't scared of messing up or scared of any consequences. I was just more than content to stay in his arms, but then again, I loved Brennen. And guilt keeps eating at me every time I thought about Sam and his gentle hands that I wanted on me forever. But what hurt most was seeing the defeat and pain on his face once I never gave in. If only he knew.

The sounds of faint chattering sounded around me as students walked to their cars before driving off probably home or to the skatepark near by. I on the other hand, was waiting for Brennen to come pick me up for our date. It had been an hour passed the school bell rang and even those in detention had been let off. A pair of faint footsteps neared me until a pair of shoes stopped in my view.

"Colby?" I looked up once my name was called and sighed spotting Sam. I went to stand up and leave but he stopped me just before I can. "Stop. Stop running away and explain to me! What did I do wrong?" He demanded which made me flinch when he grabbed my forearm to keep me close. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose before letting go.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled and shook his head. "Was it the kiss? It was the kiss, wasn't it? Look Colby, I'm sorry-" Sam began in guilt but I cut him off. "I-It wasn't the kiss, Sam." I whispered out, those being the first few words I've said to him these past two days. "Then what is it, Colby?" He asked with furrowed eyebrows, seeming really defeated.

"I just.. Brennen." I whispered and looked up at him with glossed eyes. I hated this. I hated that I had feelings for both of them. Brennen only wants what's best for me and Sam.. Sam just wants to get in my pants. I frowned, coming to a conclusion and remembering all Brennen had explained. How could I have been so stupid. "You don't like me, Sam. You just want to mess with my heart and use me as your sex toy." I spat and pulled away from him once he leaned for me.

His expression changed to that of a puppy that had been kicked. His face was filled with sadness and his tired eyes screamed pain and hurt. Dark bags plastered themselves under his eyes and his hair seemed messier than usual, along with his choice of clothing that had been done carelessly. He was a mess."Colby, why would you ever think that?" Sam's words were laced with disbelief, anger and hurt.

"Because.. because it's true! Just.. stay away from me, Sam." I shook my head and began walking off to Brennen's house. I couldn't fathom staying around Sam anymore. I just wanted to be with Brennen right now.

I walk into Brennen's oddly quiet apartment, holding a bag of Tender Green's and a salad for myself. I placed everything down and took off my shoes, hearing the faint tv sounding from his room. "Brennen?" I called out, when an odd scent tickled at my nostrils. Is that.. weed?

I walk towards Brennen's room, spotting the door left slightly ajar, where the smell came from. I quietly peaked through the door and surely, Brennen was laid sprawled out on the bed with only his grey joggers on and as suspected, held weed in hand.

"Oh, Brennen." I sighed and walked in. He was really high off the time I arrived so I helped put him to bed and finished my homework instead. I guess I got stood up on our date and forgotten off too. Hey, Brennen probably had a rough day and needed to relax.

I can't just jump into conclusions.

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