Chapter 14

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"Who gives the woman away"

"I do"

"Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife? "

"I do"

"Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband"

"I do"

Everything was in a blur and Kat remained her eyes focused on Erics eyes which were warm as he smiled at her, he seemed exited. Kat was frowning back at him unconsciously and her hands gripped his tight in fear, he had to pry hers from his when the exchanging of the rings happened.

"By the power vested in me I now pronounce you man and wife!"
The priest proclaimed.

The small crowd that gathered in the church clapped eagerly. She was actually surprised how small the crowd was compared to that of a modern wedding. On Kats side sat her mother, sister,  brother and his wife and on Eric's sat his mother, father, brother and his brothers heavily pregnant wife and two children. The rest of friends and family stood outside awaiting the wedded couple and as Kat and Eric walked arm in arm outside the church the bigger crowd threw flower petals over them. Kat did not smile once and instead hurried to the carriage.
The wedding reception seemed like a small ball with how many people were in attendance. Kat and Eric had finished all the business side of the marriage, the signing of the lines, and now Kat was ready to sit down and eat a big meal after the morning she had. Many people came up to congratulate her and tried to smile the best she could, but she was terrified of marriage. She liked to think of herself as a free spirit who did not rely on anybody in the modern day, but here in the past she had to rely on her family and now they had handed her over to her husband.

Her husband.

She almost chuckled at the absurdity of it all. Speaking of the man, he came over to her with a glass of wine and handed it to her, which she gladly took and downed in two seconds. He looked concerned at her but smiled and took her glass away.

"I am going to socialise with the guests so I shall see you."
He reached down and kissed her on the cheek tentively before leaving, Kat felt weird at the fact that he was not arguing with her.

Her mother scurried up to her excitedly.
"I have some people I would like you to meet."
She grabbed Kat by the arm and dragged her to where her sister in law Eleanor stood with a small group of people who she introduced as her cousins and their companion.

"And may I ask who is your companion?"
Kat did this more out of politeness rather than curiosity but she was glad she did ask for when Eleanor's cousins replied that their companions name was "Jane Austen", Kat felt her heart leap out of her chest and knew she could find help with her. She just had to find the right time and hope Jane didn't think she was a complete nutcase.
While Kat was figuring out the perfect time to talk to Jane, Eric came back over with another glass of wine for her, which she gladly took. He laughed heartily at her actions.
"Why you drink just as much as Gerald and as quick as him too!"

Kat glared at Eric in a joking way with a small smirk on her lips which made him laugh even more. She almost forgot they were married and that it were just flirtation again and she laughed at Eric's reaction to her jest. He ruined the moment when he leaned down to kiss her on the cheek again and she frowned.
"Why do you keep kissing me on the cheek?"
She demanded.

Eric tilted his head in confusion.
"Well we are married are we not?"

Kat huffed know frustration.
"Yes well it makes me uncomfortable that you are being loving instead of arguing with me as per usual. And besides, you do not need to as its not as if we love each other."

Eric swallowed and laughed uncomfortably.
"No it is not as if... Shall I get you more wine?"
He grabbed Kats glass and hurried off before she could nod but she definitely wanted more wine.

Kat used this as the perfect opportunity to escape, and so she did. Eric's gardens were lovely and expansive and she knew she could get distracted for hours on end so instead of wondering around them she decided to sit on a bench by the fountain. However when she had finally found the specific bench, she found it was already occupied by none other than Jane Austen herself. Kat felt her face flush and her heart begin to race. She stood frozen, staring at the poor woman who stood up and frowned.

"I do apologize for my bluntness but are you alright?"

Kat shook her head as if to shake off the nerves.

"Im sorry I guess Im just a little starstruck."

She started to chuckle but stopped when she realized Miss Austen wasn't laughing along with her. Instead she cocked hear head.


"Yes well Im a big fan of your books and it was a little bit disconcerting to meet you in real life because your dea-"

She stopped, remembering she was from the future and probably shouldn't divulge that information lest she get branded a witch, or maybe that was the middle ages when they did that. She was not sure.

"How do you know I write stories, no one has ever read them, they haven't even been picked up by a publisher?"

Jane Austen demanded. Kat widened her eyes realizing they hadn't been published, that 'Emma' wasn't to be written for another seven years. It was a mistake to open her mouth to Jane Austen, she didn't want to alter history so she began to run.

"Lady Hartfeild wait!"

Kat ignored Miss Austens pleas and continued to jog back towards the party and was glad that once she walked through the door she was greeted by her mother and sister who hurried over and grabbed her by the arms excitedly.

"It is time to leave now."
Her sister giggled.

Kats eyes widened and she felt like smacking herself. Of course, she was to leave for her honeymoon, she had completely forgotten about that bit and she shook her head. Lady Abigail laughed at Kat's reaction thinking she was nervous.
"Do not worry dear about what your honeymoon entails, you do not have to do much. See all that it is-"

Kat waved her off staring at something else and not paying attention to her.
"Yeah, yeah I know what I'm doing. "
She walked ahead of them to find her coat and luggage, not noticing how lady Abigail, Adelaide and Eleanor's eyes widened and they chased after her.

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