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Today, Amane was supposed to walk home with his brother Tsukasa, but he told him to not wait for him because he was going to be heading to their home late. Tsukasa wouldn't keep asking why but he refused to answer him, after all- how could he explain to his twin brother he was going to try and summon an old ghost?

Tsukasa soon gave up, but knowing him, he would probably question him again and ask what he was busy with later. Amane didn't mind that and passed the girls bathroom, looking around to make sure no one was inside or watching him before sneaking in.

He walked to the third bathroom stall, re-thinking all the decisions and thinking about what led to this moment- the rumor, may or may not be true was quite interesting but cheesy, 'A girl with short hair and a torn red skirt that haunts the schools bathroom. She will grant you a wish if you summon her succesfully!' it's hard to believe a spirit like that would be real.

Amane knocked three times on the stalls door, "Hanako-san Hanako-san, are you there?"

The door creaked as it opened slowly, a pale hand pushing it inwards. Yugi stood there shocked. "I'm here..~" A girlish voice responded.

The door opened and inside it there was... no one.
Amane sighed in relief, backing away from the door.

"... Hey, behind you" The hand grabbed his shoulder making him flinch and turn around, falling backwards a few seconds later. A girl with red eyes and long, white hair with teal tips was staring at him. She had an old school uniform, swollen looking ankles and two black accessories adorning her hair.

She held a hand and her peaceful expression quickly changed to a panicked one.

"Ah- Are you okay!?"

"Yeah, I am-" Amane tried to take her hand only to realize it was translucent. "W-WHAT THE-"

The mysterious girl gasped "Ah right! I have to introduce myself!"

"I'm Hanako-san of the toilet, the seventh of the school's seven mysteries. Nice to meet you!" Hanako introduced herself.

"So if you're Hanako-san, where is the bob hairstyle and the red torn skirt?" The boy questioned. "That stuff is super outdated.. But aside from some minor differences, all the stories you heard about me are true!" The friendly ghost smiled proudly.

"You have a wish, right? If so let me hear it!"
"My wish is uh.." Amane didn't think this would work, so he hadn't thought of a specific wish.

"... Y-You do have one, right?" Hanako-san doubted.

"I don't really have a wish." Yugi muttered. "You don't? It's okay, you can always think of one later- but then, why did you summon me?" She replied greately shocked, he sighed,

"I just wanted to see if the rumours were true..."
"Oh well, by the way- what's your name?"
"Yugi Amane."

The wish granting ghost wrote his name and wish on a small notebook.
"Okay, I'll keep it in mind when you wish for something!"

- - - - -

The two arrived at the school, rooftop with astronomy books, since Amane didn't have a wish in mind and Hanako-san didn't want to leave yet, she decided to hang out with the mortal for a while.

They talked for a long while and read the books, Yugi knew a lot about space and Hanako liked it when he ocasionally rambled and told her random facts he had learned about the topic.

Hanako-san was worried, he didn't have a wish and that meant if he didn't think of one soon she would have to leave.

The sky that was blue some hours ago slowly turned to a nice, warm orange color. Hanako-san sat up and walked towards the edge of the rooftop and rested her hands on the charcoal black railing. White fluffy clouds decorated the sky, it made her feel at peace, as if she wasn't paying for her selfishness in her past life.

Yugi walked to her. "It was nice spending time with someone else than my brother,"

"Well Hanako-san, I have to go. Tsukasa is waiting for me at home, I wish we could spend more time together." The lovely girl looked at Amane with soft cherry colored cheeks, he smiled and waved at her before walking off, muttering a small goodbye.

- - - - -

The next morning he found himself bored in class, still somewhat paying attention until Hanako-san peeked through the door and waved at him. She entered the classroom and standed behind Amane.

The boy picked up his pencil and wrote a small 'Why are you here?' in his notebook,

"You forgot?" Yugi sat there confused, Hanako continued,

"Yesterday you said 'I wish we could spend more time together'. And I decided I would grant it! Since you know, that's what I do as the seventh school mystery!" The ghost smiled and looked outside the window, Yugi noticed her now red cheeks that she wasn't aware of.

"But," She continued "That wish come with a price, it's what the rumor says after all." Hanako turned to Amane "So, you'll pay me by... letting me be your friend!"

Yugi stared at her blankly, which made her nervous. "H-Hey! Don't look at me like that, there are not many people that can see me and it gets pretty lonely!"

He started writing again 'It's okay, I'll be your friend Hanako-san'

The ghost smiled gently "Thank you... And don't call me Hanako-san, it makes me feel old... Instead you can call me Hanako-chan!"

The dark haired boy looked up to her red eyes and whispered a quiet "Okay Hanako-chan."

- - - - -

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