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Hey, I just wanted to explain the two versions of Travis & The Labyrinth available for sale on Amazon now. Both versions are the same book, which is a fully rewritten, polished version of this Spellbound Sword manuscript. If this version sells well, I'll revise and release the final versions of the rest of the story as well.

The book is available as an ebook for the kindle app, which you can use on any smartphone or tablet device. Simply search for Travis & The Labyrinth on The kindle version is cheaper than the other version, the paperback. The paperback is something of a collector's item for fans of the story, as it is the first ever physical product featuring Travis and his adventures. It costs a bit more, due to the deal I entered into with Amazon, but it has the added coolness of being something you can share as a physical gift or show off on your shelf. "I read this book back when it was just a rough draft, and now here's the finished product!" You fans have been there all the way for me, and I hope some of you will enjoy the book as a symbol of how far we've come.

Search "Travis & The Labyrinth" on Amazon to find both versions. If you like the book, please write a review on Amazon to entice others to check it out. If this book does well, I will take all of the ideas I've been inventing for the past two years and use them to create an epic Spellbound Sword trilogy. Help me out!

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