Chapter 16

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Hey guys! Me and Kate are hanging out at our softball tournament!! Soooo I get to write a chapter with her. Plus she says hi lol.


Chapter 16:

The lights started to dim in the stadium as the boys appeared on stage.

Me and Kate started to scream super loud when they appeared as the boys scanned the audience, probably looking for us.


They broke out into their opening song 'Na Na Na' and me and Kate started singing along and jumping up and down.

Every song was absolutely great like usual:) the boys had noticed where we were seated and it was obvious since Harry kept smiling at Kate. Zayn hadn't even looked at me once. I mean what the heck was that about? First he keeps flirting with me and acts like he likes me and now he doesn't even glance at me.

I knew it.

It was too good to be true I guess.

He is just like all of the others.

Their song 'up all night' had just finished Niall moved to the front of the stage to announce the next song they were going to perform.

"and this ladies and gentlemen, mostly ladies, is 'everything about you'."he said as he started backing up to get in position for the performance.

"whoa!" Harry exclaimed all of a sudden.

"wait!" Zayn screamed after Harry as they jumped to the front of the stage where Niall once stood in the front of the stage right in front of our seats. Harry glanced down at us and winked while we giggled.

"see we are gonna need some of you to umm..." Harry trailed off as Zayn finished his sentence " to join us on stage. I mean I love the boys but we would love to have someone else to join the fun."

Then he finally looked at me. Both of them were staring at us.

oh great.

"so do we have any volunteers?" Harry lifted one of his eyebrows looking out into the crowd.

Screams erupted through the stadium as his answer and girls' hands shot up around us.

Me and Kate looked at each other bursting into laughter at every ones reaction. I mean come on.

" ohhh let's see, who do you want to pick Zayn?" Harry looked over at Zayn mischievously.

" how about you pick one first hazza?" Zayn asked smiling. Dang he's soooo hot!!

"hmmmmm" Harry pretended to think about it. I mean it was obvious he was going to pick Kate. Plus, I think Kate knew it too since she was yanking my arm up and down excitedly. My Arm hurt so freaking bad, it felt like she was tearing it off my body.

"How about you." Harry pointed down at Kate and grinned. Kate just stared at him not knowing what to do. Harry held out his hand and Kate gladly took it as he pulled her up next to him. I can't believe that she isn't freaking out yet. I mean I would be.

"and I think I will pick her friend so you" he pointed at me and winked. He helped me up onstage the same way Harry had done Kate.

I looked out into the crowd and I almost passed out then and there. There was sooooo many people here.

Zayn saw the scared look on my face and swung his arm around my shoulders "its okay just focus on us, you will be fine" he whispered in my ear.

I was shaking.

The music started playing for 'everything about you' and Liam started his solo.

I started to smile because this was my favorite song by them by far. I could listen to it all day and night, especially zayn's solo.

We all danced around on stage having fun and me and Kate ignored the jealous looks all the girls in the crowd were giving us.

When it was about time for zayn's part in the song all the boys ran off stage and Kate too since Harry picked her up and carried off bridal style which made me giggle. But then I realized it was just me and Zayn.

Zayn turned towards me and started singing with a lop-sided grin on his face "and you have always been the only one I've wanted and I've wanted you to know without you I can't face it. All we wanna have is fun but they say that we're too young, let em say what they want."

awwww he sang to me. My cheeks started to hurt because I was smiling so much.

The boys sprinted back onstage and finished the song.

I can't believe Zayn just did that, forget all the bad things I had thought he was. He just wanted to make this a surprise. It was worth it too. I was really falling for him. Hard.

"okay, I want to make an announcement everyone!" Zayn yelled inturrupting my thoughts. Whoa the song had ended and I hadn't even realized it.

"I know you guys thought that I was dating Perrie, but it was all fake." he turned to me and smiled "I only like one girl for real and she is here on this stage."

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