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Jennie's POV

"Mom! Why are you very excited today?" My sister asked my mom confused as to why mother has been very ecstatic.

"Because I'm going to introduce you to my future husband," My mom responded with a big smile on her face.

"Mum? Are you kidding us? You will have a new husband again? You're already old, you're almost 50 years old mum," I scoffed

Oh my! Rebecca Kim is still like this, how can she change her life into a normal one?

"I know I'm already old, darling. And that is why I'm enjoying my life while I'm still alive. Look my daughters, mom is already old that's why I'm going to marry a person who will take care of both of you when I'm already gone I know she can take-" She was holding our hand while talking but I cut her off.

"Wait mom, What do you mean? She? So it means it's a girl? How can you call it husband? Are you really out of your mind?" I almost yelled, hearing that my mum is going to marry a girl. That's terrifying.

I don't think I can ever marry a girl.

"Jennie! Stop shouting at mom! Why don't you just let her be happy? That's her decision and don't talk to her like that ever again. Love has no gender," My sister yelled at me. I never said I'm against her marrying a girl. I just asked how she can call it a husband if it's a girl.

"How old is she? Are you even sure if she really loves you? What if she just wants your money? What if she just wants fame?" I asked  actually tearing up at the possibility of someone taking advantage of my mother's wealth.

"Aw. You're still a cry baby, how could I ever leave you?" She cooed as I pouted at her. I hated hearing that word. It always ends badly when someone tells me that. "She's a Manoban, dear. A 26 years old businesswoman."

"Look mom, I know this is for your happiness but imagine, she's a young businesswoman. It's okay for me if she's already in her mid forties but mid twenties?" I huffed, feeling helpless. My sister kept rubbing my back while mom was rubbing my arm.

"You're going to meet her tonight darling and I'm sure you're going to like her," She was really in love with this girl, but does this girl really love my mother?

"I'm sure we will mum, by just looking at your face we can tell she's the one you really love. We're happy for you. right Jen?" My sister said with a big smile looking at me with a "just say yes" expression.

"Yes mom, we're happy for you," I faked a smile and my sister pulled me to hug our mother.

"Thank you my beautiful daughters," My mother said as if she's touched. "Make sure to wear a beautiful dress tonight, you need to look more beautiful." She said holding our cheeks. Why would we? It's not like we're the one getting married.

"Okay I need to go now darlings," Mother kissed our cheeks goodbye.

We bid our goodbye to her and
I flop myself at the couch followed
by Irene.

"Ugh, this is frustrating. Why did mum fall for that girl? What is in her that mum's smile became that big?" I tiredly said, closing my eyes.

"We both don't know, but we will know when we met her already. Maybe something that her past boyfriends didn't have," She chuckled, causing me to roll my eyes.

"There's nothing funny, Irene. And of course it's obvious already, she has something that the other boyfriend of mum doesn't have!" I playfully hit her arm while she's giggling.

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