chapter one.

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     "Daddy..." Harry felt a poke on his collar bone, the small finger poking repeatedly.

     "Hmm, what baby...?" Harry whispered, looking at his son tiredly.

      "My dreams 'goin scary 'gin daddy." His son whispered, whimpering.

     "Lyric, what happened in your dreams?" Harry whispered, kissing his sons cheek.

     "Mumma left me to go nigh-nigh and never comed back." Lyric whispered, whining.

     Harry blinked, hoping his son wasnt asking that question. He looked to the side of his and his son's shared room, seeing as his babies blankets are off. Obviously he's awake.

     Harry picked Lyric up, rocking him back and forth.

     "Nanna said mummy went nigh-nigh and woke up in H-Heath bars?" (Heath Bar is a candybar with toffee I'm it)

     Harry wanted to curse his mum out for talking about his deceased girlfriends death, but chuckled at Lyric.

     "You mean Heaven?" Harry smiled, kissing his sons forehead.

     "Yah." Lyric said confused. Harry smiled down at him sadly.

     "Nanna was right... but don't worry. Daddy and you will see her someday, but not now." Harry patted his back.

     "Does that mean I get new mummy?" He asked.

     "Or daddy. New mummy or daddy" Lyric looked at him confused.

     "B-but thats weird..." Lyric looked at his daddy, even more confused.

     "Who told you that?" Harry whispered. "Its normal and very okay. It's weird to some people, but it's okay." Harry smiled and Lyric looked at him in understanding.

     "Oh... can I sleep with you tonight?" Harry chuckled amd laid him  next to him.

     "Sure baby boy. Any time." Harry sighed as he covered Lyric and himself in a blanket.

     Waking up that morning was the same. Harry would get up, get himself ready in their small bathroom, wake lyric up and get him ready to do school at Harry's mum's house.

     "Be good! Remember, what are the rules about Aunt Gemma when she walks through the door?" Harry asked, bent on one knee so the height was the same. Harry was short.

     "Call her a donut and say 'missed you aunt Gemmy!' Then give her hugs. Then ask her for sweets." Lyric smiles.

     "You learn well, good boy." Harry patted Lyric's tummy. "Now give daddy hug's." Harry smiled.

     "Hugs for daddy!" Lyric hugged Harry happily, whining when Harry kissed his cheek.

     Harry then let his mum take his son inside, waving as he made his way to university.

     As Harry walked he let his mind drift.

     His girlfriend was pregnant with Lyric when Harry was sixteen. It was a drunk mis-hap but they couldn't be happier, they were still growing together.

     Lyric was born on december twenty first, making their life so much happier.

     When Lyric was just a few days old they were in a car wreck, his girlfriend died on impact, But the and the baby servived.

     Harry was short but going through a growth spurt, the wreck messed with his 'manly' horamones and he can't grow anymore.

     He wasn't that short, he was about 5'5, But that was shorter then most men.

     Lyric definitely had his mother's body. Short, petite, body. Lyric also had taken a liking to girly things.

     With the death of Lyric's mother, Harry had struggled to provide for them, leaving not-so-many options for food, electricity, medicine, bills. Which leaves the two with nothing to really provide for their needs.

     Harry was still day-dreaming whe he felt his cheek react with something hard. He fell back on his bum and looked up, eyes meeting with rich man Louis Tomlinson.

     "Um... oops?" Louis huffed, helping Harry up carelessly.

     "Yeah, hi." Harry said awkwardly, dusting his pants off.

     "What do you want? And autograph, photo, kiss? I'm kind of busy today so let's get on with it." Louis asked, annoyed.

     "Um... who are you and why the hell would I want an autograph?" Harry glared, even more annoyed that this self-conceited jerk would say that.

     "You don't know who I am?" Louis scoffed, the owner of Tom co. Was pissed that someone would pretend about not knowing him. "Please, I bet you see me on tv all the time. Or your smartphone? Don't be such a liar. You're probably one of those teens who try to get in to other peoples pants because you're scared of commitment.  I mean, look at that face, how many girls names have you screamed out with it?"

     Harry glared harder.

     "It was a real-"

     "I know it was real question!" Harry snapped. "And to answer your questions, you dumbass. No, I do not know who you are!

     I do not own a television or smartphone, the only thing I have is a rusty old computer that never works and then magazines at the place I work that never get changed out. I am a fucking adult, not a teen."

     Louis huffed, not understanding why this boy was so irrational.

     "You never answered about the whore."

     "The last person I fucked had none of your concern. So before you shoot shit out of your mouth, think. So screw your judging ass."

     Harry then shoved him out of the way, sprinting to get to his class on time.

     "Alright class, nice to see you again- oh hello, Mr. Styles." Mr. Payne laughed.

     "Sorry Royal, I didn't know class started yet. I must have slept in or something." Harry smiled his charming smile, causing some of the girls to swoon.

     "Thank you, Styles. But please refraine from using my real name after class." Mr. Payne sighed. "And when we arent in class use my real name. I'm your best friend." Liam sighed.

     "More like a Royal Payne to me." Harry laughed, taking down notes.

     "Okay class, what have  we decided to do for the project?" Mr. Payne muttered, looking around the class room.

     The professor chuckled as  the class muttered, not really thinking about anything.

     "How bout we do this. This is comunication skills, you took this class for the want to became a writer, journalist, photographer. And to be able to do things like speak infront or a class or crowd, become an english teacher, or even something like sell things. Correct."

     A couple of 'yeah's' and 'I guess so's' were shot out.

     "Alright, the project I'd to write a children's book." Liam announced. "But, you need to base it off a someone who has given to charity and you must interveiw and talk to them. This story is to be dedicated to whoever you want." Liam pulled out a bowl.

     "Alright, the names are randomly thrown In here. Styles, you first." Harry walked up, picking out a peice of paper before hisneyes widen in fear.

Louis tomlinson.

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