Jesters Of The Modern Stage

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The Girl

She blended hues,
Pointed it on her face,
And used it to fix the cracks.

So often she wonders,
For them not to see the ugly behind,
How would she put on so many masks?

The Boy

'Hurting a woman won't make you less a man.'
His father assured him.

He stood up with swollen knuckles
and looks up to
the woman he's known for years
who looks at him with weary eyes
and also flinching with his heavy touch.
"I'm sorry." He said,
"that's the only way I know how to show love."

Both are fully grown
But still kids inside.

At the back of their mind,
They can still picture a perfect summer
with daisies and daffodils
Blooming at the backyard
And all their woes were kept at bay.

But no one should care about that summer now
Because they all still have a role to play.

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