Four (6 underground) #1

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Rolling over the y/h/c girl sighed, yet again Four had managed to charm her into his bed with his smooth talking and cheeky grin. Eyes fluttering closed the girl scowled before removing the arm that trapped her to the messy sheets. Maybe it was because she was alone that she somehow found herself in the blondes bed night after night, or maybe it was a form of rebellion against One and his stupid rules. Truth is the girl didn't know, hunting around for her top the y/h female pulled her denim shorts on. The quicker she was out of there the better.

In her frantic hopping around she had yet to notice Four's green orbs watching her comedically. "You don't have to leave you know" he stated softly his pale hand moving gently in an attempt to tame his bed hair. Huffing the girl turned around sharply this time distracted by tying her now crumbled wrap blouse. "Don't be ridiculous Four" she muttered angrily "we can't keep doing this you know." This time her voice was soft and gentle almost like she was talking to a child. "Why not Eight?" He questioned automatically his supposed accent comforting, in a way it reminded the girl of the life she'd left behind.                       

Sitting on the edge of the bed Eight struggled to find the words. "We just can't alright." Sighing the man ran his hand over his face in mild frustration "Give me a real reason and I'll never bring it up again." The girls y/e/c eyes filled with tears, back in her previous life she was considered unbreakable but right here right now it seemed like she would crumble at any moment. "I don't know you.. just like you don't know me at least not truly." Silence fell over the two never of them knowing what to say next. Sighing heavily Eight stood up to leave, the weighted oak door not giving her the hurried exit she wanted. "Say my name. Even if it's just once." The requested lingered in the air almost mocking the pair at their sudden awkwardness as if their activities over the past couple of days hadn't happened.

Chuckling sarcastically the girl spun around "How can I when I don't know it?" Moving towards the girl the young man smiled "Billy". Giggling the y/h girl pulled a face in response the man pulled one too. "What?!"the blond spat out confused. Shaking her head the girl smiled back "Nothing you just look like a Billy." Four or Billy as she'd just found out shrugged before walking back to the pile of disoriented bedsheets. "Aren't you curious about mine?" Eight questioned perplexed eye brow raised in silent confusion. Billy simply shook his head grinning at the girl before flicking on the small tv to watch an old episode of big brother in a language he couldn't speak.

Rolling her eyes the girl turned to leave again only to once again be stopped by the skywalker with his muscled arms open "Are you coming back to bed?" That familiar cheeky grin pitched on his pink lips. Shaking her head at the boy for what felt like the thousandth time the girl rolled her eyes before removing the uncomfortable clothing and walking back to the bed and settling in his arms.

Sat in silence the pair continued to watch a fight break out between the housemates "It's y/n by the way." The y/h/c girl whispered as she snuggled deeper into his warm chest. Kissing the top of her head Billy smiled "I knew I'd be something beautiful."

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