Chapter 38

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I will never skip classes again.

Like never in my life. I don't really give a damn what the issue is.

My ass is going to class.

Ashley and I haven't had a decent conversation in days because of me.

I'm been so damn busy writing essays and reading books that I just haven't had the time to actually call her.

"How's it going?" My mom peeks her head in my room and asks.

"I see you smirking ma!" I tell her sitting up on my bed. I need a break.

"I bet you'll think twice next time before skipping school." She says in her motherly tone.

"Never again." I agree.

"Good." She says. "I'm glad Principal Morgan took my advice." She adds and goes to close the door.

Wait what?

"Mom!" I call out to her and get up to chase her down the stairs. "What do you mean he took your advice?" I ask quirking a brow.

"Oh, nothing." She says nonchalantly as we walk into the kitchen.

Oh hell no.

My mom knows something.

"Mom." I say again and she turns to look at me.

She rolls her eyes and says, "It was my idea to make you have to do every single assignment you missed." She says and turns around to the fridge and opens in.

Say whaaaaaat?

"Mom!" I shriek.

Cause I mean... how dare she?

"Serves you right!" She says grabbing a can of soda from the fridge. "No more missing school Spencer, this will teach you a lesson." She says with a head nod and then walks into the living room and turns on the T.V.

"You just got pwned." Glen says from the table.


I didn't even see him sitting there.

"Shut up!" I say and roll my eyes at him.

"Just make sure you keep getting those A's. Who else is gonna take care of me?" Glen says like he already has his whole life planned out and it includes me taking care of him.

Nope, wouldn't be me.

"Fucking finally!" Madison says as we walk out of our last class of the day... of this year! Woot!

"I know, if I had to take one more final I think I might have killed myself." Jade chime in as she entwined her hand in Madison's.

"Aw baby, then I woulda had to do the same cause duh! I can't live without you." Madison says sweetly and kisses her girlfriends lips.



"What's up, bitches?" Taylor says as her and Gabby walk towards us.

"Hey." We all say to the pair.

"So we're done... fuck King high!" Taylor shouts as she takes a blunt from her pocket and lights it. Really? On school property?

"Tay, you know we have after the break and all next year right?" I point out to our friend who just nods and blows smoke out her mouth.

Wow, I think this really explains everything.

I think Taylor has been getting high all year cause I mean come on... I can't be the only one that thinks she's been acting weird as hell.

Overly flirty with me and others...check.

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