Chapter 1

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Diamond's POV

I am finally the leader of the pups that were born close to me. Of course we still have as much of a perfect pack as my mom. Anyway today is the day we are all going to the entrance exams and we are all excited. We all are happy also that we could do this since villain activity started to go up finally. Our number one goal is to be exactly like our parents for helping everyone out.

Zuko my twin brother is an omega same with the first born out of the triplets named Mziku. The only beta in our family is Ozukma our youngest brother. Then their is Mikakza our sister youngest of the triplets. Of course all the other pack members knows to never mess with my siblings. Dad and Mom are proud that I am keeping my promise I made years ago.

The only thing is I hope something doesn't try to brake our pack to easily for instance when someone finds a mate and try to make their mind tell them this is a horrible pack and leave. Then again our parents will fix it of course. Anyway as soon as the exams started it ended but Zuko had to go to the nurses office. We all went with and Recovery Girl kept trying to get us out.

"How many times do I have to say to get out." "How many time do I have to say never because he is a pack member but most importantly my twin brother." She then hit me with her cane and I was about to tackle her. Well that was until Shsuki oldes daughter of Shoto and Katsuki Bakugou held me back. It is actually funny that at the moment I am acting like uncle Katsuki and she is just being her mom's emotion at the moment.

"The last person to ever did that to me is when Momo Yaoyorozu had to be away from Izuku Yaoyorozu about fourteen years ago and Shoto Bakugou had to hold her back." Then Tenshida the daughter of Tenya Iida and Ashido Iida spoke. "Well you see the one on the bed is Zuko Yaoyorozu and the one you have hit is Diamond Yaoyorozu the first twins of Izuku Yaoyorozu and Momo Yaoyorozu aka the heros Creati and Deku. Also the one holding Diamond is Shsuki Bakugou the first daughter of Shoto Bakugou and Katsuki Bakugou aka Icyhot and Groung Zero."

"So it is true you are all the kids of the famouse first years from to say about 16 years ago." "Yup that is us." "Have I ever told you that you are exactly like your mom." "No you haven't Diamond." Soon Aizawa came. "You all really look like your parents." "Well it shouldn't be much of a surprise also nice to see you again Aizawa."

Zuko's POV

No one is paying me any attention which for me being an omega I want attention from my sister. So what I did was throw water balls at them. Also since Recovery Girl couldn't get to me and I was tired of the pain I healed it myself. Anywho when Diamond looked at me I made grabby hands and she knows I want a piggyback ride. Which of course she came closer and I got on her back.

Mom is not surprised I don't like using my legs much. Who is surprised tho is people not in our pack. It doesn't bug us though since se are all use to it and our parents taught us how to not get bugged much with what we do everyday. Oh did my sister also say to you all that she doesn't want anyone to get pregnant until our third year unlike our parents. Oh also sorry if I am braking the fourth wall since there is a chance of me doing it all the time.

Oh I want to tell you a story about our last year of middle school. You see another person in our grade was about to rape me without knowing I was an omega but I was very lucky my pack came to save me. Sometimes I wonder if mom had the same problem or not but didn't have a pack until sometime after me and Diamond was born. Also if needed to fix the fourth wall the most tell the daughter of Hanta Sero and Mei Sero which is named Mantai Sero. She got her quirk from both of her parents so her aim is a bit better then Uncle Hanta.

Forgot to say I got quirk analysis hobby from mom so it now basically runs in the family. Oh also don't tell Diamond but mom is going to give me his quirk once I am strong enough so I don't brake my bones. If you are wondering about my quirk it is Heal and dad's quirk. Oh I should probably say to the pack that since Yagi died last year mom will be doing the teaching he did plus more then that.

Well this is all you need to know of the beginning of mine and Diamond's part of the story hope you all enjoy.

Word count: 872

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