Chapter 24

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Part Two of the date, please if you would start playing the song on the side. It has the best effect if you play it at the right part near the end, you will know when :)



Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it.” -J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

My eyelids drooped down as I rested my head on his broad shoulders for a small moment before deciding that it might be my last chance to talk to him without Marissa around.

“Hi, stranger.” I teased, standing straight again but still close.

He chuckled slightly, mock rolling his eyes. “You know, I really like this place. Good choice,”

“Thank you. I thought it sounded fun to go dancing.”

“Yeah, well you're date mustn't think so.” he said, eyes leaving mine to peer back in the direction of our table where Henry and Marissa still sat, getting to know each other.

“He's just. . . not the fun type.”

Elliot furrowed in confusion. “Then you're an odd pair. You're always so lively and fun.”

I checked my feet, trying to hide my huge smile. “I think you're right. I mean, people with like interests just make more sense together. And we both love to dance.”

He leaned in closer and whispered “Want to know a secret?”

I nodded, an intake of breath caught in my throat.

“Marissa has two left feet.”

I laughed louder than necessary because for one, I thought he was about to spill his soul to me. And secondly, I now had the image of Marissa with oddly proportioned feet. And it was quite humorous.

“Well, I wanna dance all night.” I pouted, giving him the big eyes. “Will you dance with me, Elliot?” I whined, feeling my feet go weightless and my knees weak all of a sudden. Elliot caught me before I had a chance to fall.

“Woah, watch it there.” he encouraged, his hands holding me by the forearms while I giggled uncontrollably, feeling those colorful drinks kick in a little harder than before. “Someone's being a little silly.”

“That would be me.” I giggled. “And not Marissa, because I'm more fun.”

He took everything I said as a joke. I see that now, but then, I thought his laugh was agreement.

“I wouldn't say that...” he implored.

I put my head back on his shoulder and smelt the cologne he'd put on, instantly loving it. “I don't want to go back to the table. I want to stay here with you.”

“Then why did you make this a double date if you just want to be with me?” He inquired, actually confused this time. My plan was unraveling in his eyes the more we swayed. How awkward Henry and I looked when we had to show affection, how I hadn't even asked him to dance, how in his eyes we weren't right together. Things were coming in clearer for Elliot, but my mind was a muddle overcome by emotions and desires I wanted to fulfill.

“Because, no one is supposed to know.” I mumbled, lifting my head from his shoulder to right in front of his face.

“Know what?” he asked, still so unsure and confused. I guess I'm a better actor than I thought.

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