Is Android Better Than iPhone

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For many years, the iPhone used to be the preferred brand of smartphone due to Android's inability to be at par with the iPhone's advanced technology. Now, however, more and more people are going for Android not merely because they are cheaper, but also because they offer features that no iPhone does.

Here are ten reasons why Android is undoubtedly better than the iPhone:

More Choices: Android offers you way more choices than iPhone. iPhone smartphones do not have much variation in sizes, and their prices are also generally high. Android smartphones, on the other hand, are available in different sizes, price range and features. There are several brands of smartphones that make Android phones, and you can never run out of choices.

Android's Universal USB-C Chargers: New Android devices come with a USB-C charging port. USB-C is also common in laptop brands like Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft, and so on. So you can use one charger and a data cable for multiple devices. However, Apple's Lightning cables work only on Apple devices. Besides, they are expensive and not highly durable.

Android's HeadPhone Jacks: Android has a 3.5mm headphone jack for all Android devices. The headphone jacks in non-Apple laptops are also of the same size. So you can easily buy any headphone or earphone from the market and use it for all your devices. But with the iPhone, you cannot do that. You have to use headphone dongle.

Android's Launcher and Widgets: Customisation is one of Android's key features. Android offers a more flexible launcher than the iPhone. You can change your launcher any time you want to. You can download new launchers to customise your phone and add additional features to it. You can also add, remove and arrange your icons the way you like. But the iPhone does not offer you such flexibility. You do not get to choose a different launcher, and you can organise your icons. You can only change their order. You are stuck with a boring home screen, and there is nothing you can do about it. Android also lets you add app widgets for all your favourite apps.

Android's Pinned Icons: Android lets you pin icons, and this feature is beneficial. You can pin anything on your home screen from documents to PDF files and even shortcuts to specific pages. Android offers you quick access to things, so you do not have to open the app and locate your file. iPhones however, do not provide this feature. You have to open an app each time you need to access something.

Multi-window Support: Both Apple and Android offer multi-window support. But with Android, it's much more diverse. Multi-window support and split-screen options are available on both Android smartphones and tablets. You can easily perform two tasks at once. Apple offers this option only in tablets, that is, on devices with bigger screen sizes. Such devices are not as portable as smartphones where the feature is more useful.

Android's Data Transfer: Transferring data from your Android device to your computer or laptop is very easy. You only need to plugin with your data cable, and you can transfer any data you want. Transferring data from an iPhone requires much hassle. First, you have to install iTunes and create an account. Only then you can transfer your data. Further, the iPhone only lets you transfer media files, and that's about it.

Expandable Memory at No Extra Cost: Android gives you the option to expand your device memory. All you need to do is purchase an SD card and insert it in your device. You can use the same SD card each time you buy a new Android device. Expandable memory is not an option for iPhones. Instead, you have to spend a lot of money on your already expensive device to upgrade your internal memory. And you have to do this individually for each new device.

More Options for Logging In: While some iPhones let you log in to your device with your fingerprint, other devices have facial or retina options for logging in. In Android, however, you get all these options in the same device. You can choose a password, pin, fingerprint, facial or retina recognition in any new Android device.

Android's Play Store: If you are an Android developer, Android's Play Store is better than the Apple Store for iPhones. Submitting an app on Android's Play Store takes little time and zero hassle. However, if you want to submit your app on the Apple Store, you have to deal with a lot of hassle. While Apple checks your application for malware and virus before putting it out for users, your app can also get rejected if you do not use their symbol correctly.

Despite iPhone's popularity all over the world, Android is still a better choice for many reasons. It offers most of iPhone's features as well as other unique features of its own at an affordable price. The Android market is ever-growing and is likely to see dynamic changes in the days to come.

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