Monkey and Bee -randlyn

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accidentally turned out more Brook centric then I meant it too....  I sowwy

~Third person pov~

Rye woke up, whimpering and crying in between Andy and Brooklyn.

Making them wake up, looking at him concerned as he just whimpered softly clinging onto Andy.

Quickly realizing he was little, so little that it seems he was littler than normal.

"Brooklyn, baby boy grab his paci for me." Andy said softly.

Brooklyn nodded; trying to not look jealous as he was fighting being little.

Brooklyn handed Andy the paci, the oldest boy quickly putting it in Ryes mouth.

"Thank you monkey, now grab your paci." Andy said gently.

Brooklyn blushed, stuttering a bit, "B-but-"

"Listen to daddy baby boy. Grab your paci and come here."  Andy said sternly.

Brooklyn whimpered softly, grabbing his paci and making his way over to Andy.

Andy who was holding a slowly calming down Rye; grabbed the paci popping it into his mouth, and pulled him down so he has Brooklyn half on his lap and Rye half on his lap.

Brooklyn teared up a bit, having not expected Andy to do that, having been worried he'd be left out now with Rye; especially when he was this upset.

"Shh, you're okay babies. Daddy's got you. Do my two baby's want a bottle?"

Rye nodded softly mumbling incoherently around his paci; Brooklyn mumbling a "pwease dada" around his.

Andy carried them both downstairs, making their bottles and brought them back up, placing them on the bed on either side of him.

He wrapped an arm around both of them holding their bottles in their mouths.

Slowly both the younger boys got sleepy, leaning on Andy more.

Rye finished his bottle, making Andy place the paci in his mouth as he fell asleep.

He watched his other sleepy baby as he was slowly finishing his bottle.

"Been so good for daddy lately. Daddy's so proud of you my baby boy." Andy said softly.

Brooklyn whined a little, finishing the bottle and when Andy placed the paci between his lips; he sleepily mumbled "no weave me dada," grabbing a hold of Andys thumb before falling asleep.

"I could never leave you my little monkey." Andy said softly into the silence.

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